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THEME: Cowboys and Indians


As you know by now, I love books and I am very proud to have passed this joy on to my two daughters. Our bookshelves are filled with great books and I treasure the time I spend curled up on my daughters' beds reading with them. As much as I try to vary the themes, I have come to realize that there is really no point to my purchasing a book if it doesn't have a touch of "girlishness" to just will not be read!


I searched many websites to find a book about little cowgirls or Indians living in pink teepees but for some reason, they are difficult to find. Although books about cowboys and Indians are not part of our repertoire for now, I saw that there are many choices available which are quite cute!


Allie at suggests two adorable cowboy books on her website. Allie, who is known for her great creative projects which can be found in each of our newsletters, is a highly appreciated Educatall collaborator! ☺




Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator

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