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Tender loving moments for babies

You know the feeling, the one which tells you that getting to the end of the day is going to be quite the challenge. You can't go outdoors because it is too dark or too cold. Sometimes it may just be that the babies all have a case of the sniffles and are tired, as is their daycare worker! That is when you need 5-10 minutes of tender loving moments.


What you need:

  • To take the time.
  • Quiet, relaxing music.
  • Lights turned down low.
  • You sit on the floor...

I like to place a large blanket on the floor and then add pillows, cushions, stuffed animals and small blankets for coziness. The lights must be dimmed. A blue light bulb can help create a magical atmosphere. I then add calm music. I am sure you have a selection to choose from. I like Enya. This music puts even my cat to sleep.


Daycare workers and babies have the perfect setting to settle down and explore tender loving moments.


Try adding these details to make these moments anticipated by all:

  • Blowing bubbles
  • Scarves which dance to the sound of the music
  • Handfuls of feathers which can be thrown in the air
  • Feathers for tickling
  • Hair, neck, and back massages
  • Humming or acting out a song
  • Cookies to munch on
  • Warm milk
  • Candles (away from tiny fingers)
  • Diffuser filled with a soft scent (lavender)

You can possibly ask a parent to lend you a projector which displays various shapes on the ceiling if your center does not have one on hand.


You know the babies under your care well and you are best suited to choose the details which will most impress them.


If you have other relaxing activities to suggest, let us know.



Chantal Milette

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