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A needle in a balloon

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Can we insert a needle in a balloon without popping it?

HYPOTHESES: Ask children what they think would happen if you inserted a needle in a balloon. Why do balloons pop?



  • A few balloons
  • A few pins and needles
  • Adhesive tape

MANIPULATIONS: This experiment must be performed by the early childhood educator since it involves the use of needles that can be dangerous for little ones.

  1. Blow up a balloon, but not to its full capacity. Tie a knot.
  2. Apply a few pieces of adhesive tape here and there on the surface of the balloon.
  3. Insert needles in the balloon, but only where you applied adhesive tape.

EXPLANATIONS: The balloon does not pop because the adhesive tape plays the role of a seal around the needles and prevents the air from exiting the balloon. The balloon will only pop if the air finds a way to suddenly exit the balloon. If children are old enough and if they are not easily scared, you may perform the experiment backwards by popping balloons different ways. For example, insert needles in balloons without applying adhesive tape or by exerting pressure on them.


Angélique Boissonneault


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