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Creating a reading treasure box

I am sure that you all read to your little sweethearts on a regular basis. However, let's face it, the way we introduce story time sometimes makes attracting children to your reading corner quite challenging.


If this is the case within your group, this suggestion may help you!


I actually came up with this idea out of the blue, as I was watching Leticia, my 2 ½ year old daughter, take out her collection of whale figurines. Instinctively, I began manipulating the whales one by one. Suddenly, it dawned on me that her collection represented the ideal starting point for a "teachable moment". Unfortunately, my knowledge of whale facts was quite limited. I was able to name the humpback whale, the rorqual...and that was the end of it.

That's why we decided to go on a trip to our local library to search for a book that would enrich our vocabulary and knowledge about whales...hers and mine! We found a very simple book that served this purpose. The book led to the creation of a very special treasure box. Here's how:

  1. We found the book.
  2. We gathered a few figurines corresponding to the whales shown in the book.
  3. We picked a box that was big enough to hold the book and the figurines.
  4. I decorated the box (I could have completed this step with my daughter too).
  5. I set the box in my daughter's room.
  6. I used the box to create a special "play and learn" experience, but this time, we had a book to explore as we played together!

We played for a very long time that day! We hid the box, we associated her figurines to the whales in the book, and we had fun reading and learning about the importance of words.


This same idea can be used during transitions, during circle time to spark a conversation or introduce a theme, as a discovery box, as a reward box, etc.


A reading treasure box represents a great way to attract little ones to books since it is enriching and attractive!

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