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Creating festive masks for parents

Creating festive masks for parents-1


Masks are now part of our daily lives. Why not use them for a simple Holiday craft? Children will love decorating a mask for their mother or father. Parents can wear them for a special Holiday daycare activity.


You will need disposable masks (1 or 2 per child), as well as Christmas stickers. What’s more, depending on the type of stickers you choose to use, you may need to add tiny dots of white glue to ensure the stickers don’t fall off.


Creating festive masks for parents-2


As for anything involving masks, be sure to have children wash their hands prior to manipulating the masks and explain to your group how they must avoid touching the inner part of the masks, the part that will touch their parent’s face.


Simply let children press stickers on the masks. Encourage them to avoid the folds as much as possible.


Creating festive masks for parents-3


Have fun naming the characters, shapes, and objects throughout this activity. Count the stickers. Little ones can count one row of stickers at a time whereas older children can count all their stickers with your help.


Creating festive masks for parents-4


Invite children to cut 6 pieces of curling ribbon measuring approximately 30 cm per mask. Help them knot 3 ribbons on the elastics on either side of the masks.


Children will be proud to hand these masks to parents when they arrive. Consider this a simple way to make mask wearing more joyful…and Holiday daycare activities safer!


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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