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My giraffe

My giraffe-1 


Children will love making this simple paper craft.


 My giraffe-2

  1. Gather your material. You will need a green gift bag, a yellow crepe paper garland roll, yellow Fun Foam, brown Fun Foam, a long rectangular piece of cardboard, 2 wiggly eyes, scissors, a brown pipe cleaner, wine corks, and white glue.

 My giraffe-3

  1. Wrap the yellow garland around the rectangular piece of cardboard and glue it in place. This rectangle will represent your giraffe’s neck.

 My giraffe-4

  1. Cut a giraffe head out of the yellow Fun Foam. Trace the bottom part of the giraffe head on the brown Fun Foam and cut it out.

 My giraffe-5

  1. Glue the brown nose on the bottom part of the yellow head. Add the wiggly eyes. Cut the brown pipe cleaner in half. Twist one end of each piece and glue the straight portion behind the yellow giraffe head as shown. Draw 2 nostrils on the brown nose.

 My giraffe-6

  1. Use scissors (or a small knife) to slice the wine corks. The cork circles will represent your giraffe’s spots. This step must be done by an adult.

 My giraffe-7

  1. Glue the spots on your giraffe’s neck and face.

 My giraffe-8

  1. Cut and discard the gift bag handles. Using scissors, cut slits in the top of the bag to represent blades of grass.

 My giraffe-9

  1. Glue your giraffe’s head on its neck. Glue your giraffe’s neck inside the bag. Set your giraffe on a shelf or windowsill to decorate your daycare.


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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