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My balloon heart pendant...


My balloon heart pendant-1


Make your own original Valentine’s Day jewelry.


My balloon heart pendant-2


  1. Gather your material. You will need elastic string, a red pipe cleaner, and several balloons in Valentine’s Day colors (pink, white, purple, red).

My balloon heart pendant-3


  1. Use the pipe cleaner to form a heart as shown.

My balloon heart pendant-4


  1. Remove the end of each balloon. Cut each balloon in half. Note that there is no need to be precise. Children will enjoy this step; cutting through the balloon texture is interesting and challenging.

My balloon heart pendant-5


  1. Show them how they can knot the cut balloons all the way around their pipe cleaner heart.


My balloon heart pendant-6


  1. Keep going until the heart is completely filled with color.

My balloon heart pendant-7


  1. Knot the center of a long piece of elastic rope around the upper portion of the heart and knot the ends together to form a necklace. Children will love wearing their unique necklace around their neck; it will be perfectly lightweight! Of course, continuous supervision is required.


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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