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My smiley face

 My smiley face-1


It’s a toy, it’s a trinket...and it spreads joy!


 My smiley face-2


  1. Gather your material. You will need multicolored yarn, white glue and/or hot glue, scissors, a black pipe cleaner, 2 wiggly eyes, an empty metal fruit salad container, a black permanent marker, and a yellow tennis ball.

 My smiley face-3

  1. Cut 3 pipe cleaner pieces: one measuring approximately 8 cm and 2 that are approximately 2 cm long. Position the tennis ball as shown in the picture, with the white curve placed downwards.

 My smiley face-4

  1. Glue the longer pipe cleaner piece on the curved white line. Glue both smaller pieces on the 2 ends of the smile to represent mouth corners. Next, glue both wiggly eyes in the upper portion of the tennis ball.

 My smiley face-5

  1. Using the black permanent marker, draw eyebrows and a nose on your smiley face.

 My smiley face-6

  1. Wrap the multicolored yarn around the metal container. If, like me, there is leftover glue from the label, just a touch of glue here and there will suffice to hold the yarn in place. Continue wrapping the yarn until the entire recipient is covered.

 My smiley face-7


  1. When children aren’t playing with their smiley face (the ball will bounce despite the eyes and mouth that have been glued on it), they can set it on their colorful base, on a windowsill and looking outside. The smiley faces will make passersby smile.

Patricia-Ann Morrison



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