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A snowman craft for all ages

You may have noticed that I like to provide very simple games and activities. The same is true for crafts. Most of the time, very little material is required and I make an effort to focus on child development. This time around, I have an adorable winter craft that you can enjoy with children of all ages, although you may have to adapt it for very young children. Grab your markers and paper, it’s time to get crafty!

You will need:A snowman craft for all ages-1

  • White construction paper
  • Colorful construction paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 11 x 17 paper

Here are the steps:

  • Draw 3 circles on the white cardboard: a small one, a medium-sized one, and a big one. 4 and 5-year-olds can work on their cutting skills and cut the circles out themselves. Cut 3 circles out for younger children ahead of time. Have children glue their 3 snowballs on the 11 x 17 paper to represent a snowman.
  • Draw a square on a piece of colorful cardboard and have children cut it out. The square will become their snowman’s hat.

 A snowman craft for all ages-2

  • Give each child a strip of colorful paper that is approximately 2 cm high. Have them cut it into tiny squares that they can later glue between the two top snowballs to represent a scarf.

 A snowman craft for all ages-3


A snowman craft for all ages-4

  • They can then use a marker to draw 2 snowman eyes as well as additional circles in one vertical column to represent buttons. With younger children you can draw dotted circles that they can trace with a marker.

 A snowman craft for all ages-5

  • Invite children to draw basic shapes around their snowman to represent snowflakes. You can integrate the following shapes depending on the age of the children in your group. “O”, “l”, “–”, “X”. Focus on one shape at a time and move on to the next one only once children can easily draw the previous one.

 A snowman craft for all ages-6


Have fun!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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