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Summer exercises for little legs and feet

Activities for toddlers and babies


Throughout this theme, the focus will be on the legs and feet of the children in your group.




Find pictures of legs and feet in magazines. Laminate them and display them on the walls of your daycare. Trace children’s feet on colorful construction paper, cut out the shapes, and hang them from the ceiling using invisible thread.





Before going outside to play, invite children to help you during the sunscreen application routine. Squeeze a small amount of sunscreen on children’s legs and feet and encourage them to rub it in. Make sure they don’t forget their toes! If you prefer, you could enjoy this activity when you come back inside. Instead of using sunscreen, use after sun lotion.


SENSORY ACTIVITIES (touch, smell, look, hear)


A walk in the forest

Never underestimate the value of a nice long walk along a path that takes you through the forest. Walking in the forest is great for stimulating children’s senses. They will smell nature, listen to birds chirping, touch vegetation, observe plants, etc. A walk in the forest also provides children with the opportunity to test their limits and work on their balance. They will climb a rock, step on a variety of different textures, admire the colors… You can invite other adults to accompany you to ensure your entire group is always supervised.




Drawing on my legs and feet

Provide makeup pencils children can use to draw on their legs and feet. When they are done, invite them to hop in your kiddie pool. Add a few drops of soap to the water. The markings will wash off as children splash around and play. Repeat the activity if children are still interested.



Painting children’s feet to make impressions on paper is the perfect summer activity. Simply set a large piece of paper on the ground. Paint the bottom of children’s feet and let them walk all over the paper to see their footprints appear like magic.




Bath time for the dolls

Before children arrive in the morning, use washable markers to draw on the legs of your dolls. Show children the dolls and tell them that they have been very naughty. Fill your kiddie pool or large plastic bins with water. Add a few drops of soap and let children wash the markings away.




Dry grass, wet grass

Remove children’s shoes and socks and invite them to walk on the grass barefoot. Hand toddlers small watering cans and let them water the grass. Have them walk all over the wet grass and help them notice that the texture has changed. Alternate having them walk in an area where the grass is dry and in an area where the grass is wet to help them see the difference.




Hula hoops

Set hula hoops on the ground to create a path. Encourage your group to hop from one hula hoop to the next. Younger children can simply walk along your hula hoop path.




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