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Let’s decorate for Christmas!

 Let’s decorate for Christmas-1


Children will love adding decorations to their paper house to create a festive décor


Let’s decorate for Christmas-2


  1. Gather your material. You will need red and black construction paper, green felt, metallic paper, black Fun Foam, Christmas stickers, white glue and/or hot glue, scissors, a permanent marker (not shown), star-shaped stickers, white chalk, and 2 pipe cleaners.

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  1. Fold the black construction paper in half lengthwise to represent a roof. Using the chalk, draw rows of shingles.

  Let’s decorate for Christmas-4

  1. Open the paper and apply white glue on the bottom half.

 Let’s decorate for Christmas-5

  1. Press the red construction paper on the glue, lining the top edge up with the crease.

 Let’s decorate for Christmas-6

  1. Fold the top part of the black paper (roof) over the red paper (without gluing it). Cut a door shape out of the black Fun Foam. Cut windows and a door handle out of the metallic paper. Glue these pieces on the red paper to complete your house.

 Let’s decorate for Christmas-7

  1. Using a permanent marker, draw window panes, if desired. Cut Christmas tree shapes out of the green felt. Glue them on the front of your house.

 Let’s decorate for Christmas-8

  1. Decorate the trees using the Christmas stickers.

 Let’s decorate for Christmas-9

  1. Glue a pipe cleaner horizontally along the bottom of the roof and another one around the door (garlands). Glue star-shaped stickers on them to represent Christmas lights. You can invite older children to respect color patterns for an added cognitive challenge.

 Let’s decorate for Christmas-10

  1. Finally, cut a small rectangle out of the black Fun Foam and glue it behind the roof to represent a chimney. Press a Santa Claus sticker on it. Display your decorated houses in your daycare. You can draw a street on a large piece of cardboard and let children press their house on it.


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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