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The flea market: findings and treasures

What can you find at the flea market? Well, lots of things that can make your reading corner extra special!


Here are a few questions you can ask yourself as you are roaming around a flea market:

  • Is there any chance I could find a book to complete an existing collection?
  • Are there any used books that the babies in my group would like to explore?
  • Are there any books that remind me of when I was a child?
  • Could I maybe find a book I have long been searching for?
  • Would it be possible to bring my group to this flea market to let them choose a book they are attracted to?
  • Is it possible to smell, touch, and look at the books?
  • Would it be possible to join two or three books together to make a single book?
  • Is it possible to simply watch people look at and read different types of books?

The answer to these questions is not very important. Instead, your trip to the flea market should help you realize that books can be found everywhere if you just take the time to look around!

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