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Reading 101

Since reading is so important, you may want to print a copy of this article for the parents of the children in your group.


The best types of books for each age group


For babies:

  • Books with bright colors and simple illustrations that represent their daily life.
  • Hardcover or washable books.

For children 18 months old to 2 years old:

  • Books with short text and colourful illustrations.
  • Interactive books (songs, games, accessories, etc.).
  • Books about children's daily life or books about their favorite subjects (animals, potty training, picture books, etc.).
  • Sturdy books.

For children 3 years old or older:

  • Children this age enjoy books with repetitive text.
  • Hunt and seek books.
  • Books that can be used to spark discussions.
  • Tales that are appropriate for all are ideal.

Description of different kinds of books



  • Short, fictitious, and often enchanting.
  • Often involve a moral, a lesson.
  • Begin and end the same way (Once upon a time...).


  • Inform, teach, raise awareness, and stimulate readers.
  • Involve a specific subject.

Everyday storybooks:

  • Their plot involves events or situations children are familiar with, things they have experienced or will most likely encounter.
  • Encourage children and adults to interact.

How to attract children to reading

  • Select books that talk about their passions and interests.
  • Visit the library with them and invite them to pick books that interest them.
  • Have fun reading and exploring books with them.
  • Act as a reading role model.
  • Make sure they have access to a wide range of books.
  • Offer several different types of books to discover which types they like most.

Happy reading!


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