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A tablecloth for your Halloween lunch

For the month of October, we suggest a group project that involves the creation of a special Halloween-themed tablecloth that can be used to decorate your table for your Halloween lunch.


Throughout the month, children can add new elements to the project. The final unveiling can take place the day of your Halloween party.


To stretch this project out over a longer period, it can be done in three steps. Complete one step per week.


To begin, set a large piece of white paper on the floor in your daycare. Explain the project to your group so they understand that the goal is to create a tablecloth that will decorate your Halloween table. Invite each child to contribute. They will be proud of and enjoy admiring the end result since they will have worked together to prepare their masterpiece.


You will need:

  • A large piece of paper (white or the color of your choice)
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Halloween models that can be colored and cut out (see educatall club)
  • A drinking straw for each child
  • A clear plastic tablecloth to protect children's paper tablecloth

1st step: Bats

  • Set the large piece of paper on the floor. Provide crayons. Encourage children to trace or draw a circle (help younger children with this step) on it. When they are done, have them color their circle. Each circle will represent a bat's body.
  • Children press one hand at a time in poster paint. Help them press their hands on either side of their circle to create bat wings.
  • Ask children to draw or glue bat eyes in the centre of their circle to complete this step.

2nd step: Halloween shapes

  • Give each child an uncoloured Halloween shape. Invite them to glue their shape on the tablecloth.
  • Each child colors his/her Halloween shape.

3rd step: Spider webs

  • Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed and the paint and glue are dry, give each child a drinking straw.
  • Dilute poster paint with a little bit of water. Deposit small spots of diluted paint on the tablecloth and encourage children to use their drinking straw to blow on the paint to create spider web-like designs.

Set your Halloween tablecloth on your table to dry. Cover it with a clear plastic tablecloth so that it is protected from spills.

Have a wonderful Halloween lunch!

Maude Dubé
Specialized childhood educator


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