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Personal information policy and operating limits


Educatout inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Educatout”) manages the edutainment Internet portal including the educatout-educatall online store, Club educatout, Educatall Club, and the Educatout online learning platform as well as the following websites:,, and (hereinafter referred to as “Web portal”). The use of the Web portal is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to online store purchases listed below and constitutes a contract between you and Educatout. These terms and conditions may be modified at any time by Educatout. Educatout carries out its business and operates its Web portal in the province of Quebec, Canada.


Personal information policy

The present personal information protection policy represents Educatout’s commitment under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and Bill 25-The Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information.

To protect the privacy and personal information of its website users and customers, educatout/educatall has designated Mr. Denis Archambault as the person responsible for processing personal data. To contact him, you may write to or call 1-888-986-7126.


Data collection objectives

Personal information is collected solely for precise e-commerce transactions via the online store and to improve access to our services, namely the Educatout/Educatall Club and the online learning platform.

This data may not be used subsequently in any way that is incompatible with these objectives. Data collection is performed legally and is never done without obtaining the permission of our website users and customers.


Types of data

The only data saved on our servers is the information provided by website users and customers for the objectives mentioned above. This includes their name, address, telephone number, and email address.

No credit card information is saved on our servers.


Duration of data retention

Time limits for storing data vary per the nature of the objectives. Personal information is saved to facilitate business relationships as well as to provide access to the services website users and customers have paid for and for which they have registered. Billing history is saved for at least 10 years.


Confidentiality and security of data

The educatout/educatall portal complies with the SSL secure communications protocol (Digital Security by ENTRUST). Personal information and passwords are therefore always transmitted securely.

 Via a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall, physical security measures guarantee increased protection against compromised servers due to hacks, thus protecting data and ensuring confidentiality. All administrative data platforms are password protected. The password is changed every 30 days and only mandated employees may access it.



All individuals have rights pertaining to their personal data. These rights may be exercised at any time free of charge, once proof of identity has been provided. Thus, individuals may access their personal data and, in certain cases, rectify it, delete it or refuse that it be processed.


Cookies policy


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites that you visit or ads you view. They cannot contain viruses or be executed. Their goal is to collect information related to your navigation and offer personalized services on the different platforms you use (computer, mobile, tablet).


Cookies are managed by your Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). You can control their installation (see how below). A cookie cannot be used to gather personal data stored on your hard drive, read your email addresses or passwords, or to obtain personal information.


Educatall cookies

These cookies are installed on your computer terminal by educatall for your Internet navigation needs and to personalize our services, among other things to accelerate accessing our online store and the educatall club. They also simplify accessing your customer account and memorize the items you have added to your shopping cart.


Third party cookies

These cookies are placed on your computer by third parties (for example advertising partners) to identify your interests and eventually personalize their advertising on our website and elsewhere. They can be placed during your navigation of our website or when you click on advertising banners.


How to manage cookies

You can manage the use of cookies on your computer yourself. Each Internet browser is configured differently. Your browser’s Help menu can provide details on how to modify your cookies settings.


You can accept or refuse certain or all cookies. However, if your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all our services.

Here are a few examples of how to manage cookies with the most popular browsers:


Internet Explorer

·       In Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then Internet options

·       Under General, under Browsing history, click on Parameters

·       Click on Display files.



·       Go to Tools and select the Options menu

·       In the window that opens, select Privacy and click on Show cookies



·       Go to the Safari menu and click on Preferences.

·       Click on Security.

·       Click on Show cookies.


Google Chrome

·       Go to the Tools menu

·       Select Options

·       Click on Advanced options and access the Privacy section

·       Click on Show cookies


Social networks and third party cookies

Educatall contains applications that link to various social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). These links make sharing content easy since it is directly transmitted to your browser via the chosen social network and integrated into the webpage.

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for third party cookies placed on your computer by the social networks you use. Social networks may place a cookie on your computer to identify you when you use their features to share an opinion, content, or a publication with friends.

To learn more about cookies, please read the General conditions of use of each social network.




Restrictions pertaining to the use of the Web portal

No element of the Web portal can be copied, published, or translated in any way without first obtaining written permission from educatout.



The trademarks and logos used or displayed on the Web portal are trademarks registered by educatout or third parties. You may not use the trademarks without first obtaining written authorization from their owner. 



When you use the Web portal, you must be sure to respect the Copyright Act. The Web portal, its content, and its design were developed by educatout and are protected by the Copyright Act.


Limitation of liability

Educatout is dedicated to ensuring that the Web portal is free of errors. Educatout declines all responsibility relative to errors the Web portal may contain. The information displayed on the Web portal corresponds to the most accurate information we could collect in reference to the subjects. We invite users to signal any errors which may have occurred in the conception of the Web portal. Affiliated companies, directors, employees, and representatives or agents of educatout cannot, under any circumstance, be held responsible for any damage related directly or indirectly to the use of the Web portal. There is no guarantee, implicit or explicit, pertaining to the Web portal and the information it contains. Certain products may be slightly different than the illustration appearing in the online store section.


If a Web portal user claims educatout is responsible, this responsibility will be limited to the amount paid to educatout for the purchase of products via the Web portal.


All disputes related to sales or breach of sales conditions applicable to the purchase of products via the educatout Web portal are under the jurisdiction of Quebec laws.


Complaints, comments, and questions

For all complaints, comments, or questions, you may contact Denis Archambault or Marie-Josée Portelance at 1-888-986-7126 (819-986-7126 for Outaouais area) or by email at Please provide your contact information so we can communicate with you as soon as possible.

Our head office is located at 9-103, Georges Street, Gatineau, Quebec, J8M 1A1




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