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Invite children to bring an object which is dear to them to the daycare. Each child presents his object to the group.

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This theme is perfect for introducing our "Task Sharing Chart" to your group (Open chart - Task sharing chart). Print and laminate the chart. Using adhesive putty, attach each child's name or picture to the chart. Each day, week, or month, change the tasks associated to each child. To do so, have children place the pictograms associated to the tasks they are to accomplish next to their name.



Invite children to bring an object which is dear to them to the daycare. Each child presents his object to the group. Encourage children to share their object with their friends. You may also ask children to leave one of their toys at daycare for the duration of the theme. In turn, you may allow them to take one of the daycare toys home.



Use the educatall picture game (Open picture game - Sharing) to decorate the daycare.


Sharing - Picture game


The pictures may be used as a memory game or to spark a conversation with the group. Use them to decorate the daycare or a specific thematic corner. (Open picture game - Sharing) Print, laminate, and store in a "Ziploc" bag or in your thematic bins.



Activity sheets are suggested for each theme. (Open activity sheet - Sharing) Print and follow instructions.



Have fun with these wonderful workshop ideas provided by Caroline Allard.


Construction/building blocks:

  • Sort blocks by colour, size, type, etc.
  • Arrange to exchange toys with other daycare groups
  • Add recycled materials from children's homes to the area (empty cardboard rolls, boxes, etc.) Parents will be happy to share these items with the group
  • Small stacking cubes like the ones used in schools

Arts & crafts:

  • Create stimulation bottles for younger children with the older children in your group
  • This is the perfect theme for creating a collective mural or a craft project which requires teams of two or three children
  • Provide only a limited quantity of art supplies and ask children to share them (one glue stick to be used by two friends, two pairs of scissors for four children, etc.)
  • Organize a painting activity but provide only one container per colour. Children will practice waiting for their turn
  • Recycled material which parents share with the group is great for crafts
  • Crafts are great for sharing. Present the group with a variety of material and they will automatically share among themselves


  • Coloring pages which represent objects children share at daycare, at home, etc.
  • One child begins a drawing, another child continues, etc.
  • Provide only one crayon per color. Children must wait for their turn

Role play:

  • Add one or two aprons to your kitchen area. Children will have to share
  • You may add fruit and vegetables which can be cut (Velcro)
  • A costume box filled with all kinds of costumes
  • Ask parents to share costumes or items related to their work for a few days


  • Memory game with illustrations of items children share at daycare or at home
  • Board games with simple rules which require at least two players
  • A single color of modeling dough. Divide it among the group. Provide a few items children can share to cut dough
  • Several tiny objects for sorting, patterns, etc.


  • Children can bring a photo album to share with the group
  • Children may share one or two of their favourite storybooks with the group
  • Visit your local library who "shares" its books with you


  • Hunt and seek games
  • A variety of activity sheets related to the theme
  • Educatall word flashcards
  • Tracing or maze games and activities

Motor skills:

  • Parachute-all games involving a parachute require collaboration and cooperation
  • Organize a parade with musical instruments
  • Prepare a collective show or presentation

    Sharing - Word flash card

  • Set up a treasure hunt, children must work as a team
  • Cooperative games involving movement and avoid competition

Sensory bins:

  • Large bins filled with pasta. Teams of two children can measure, fill, empty, etc.
  • Water table with objects that float or sink


  • Experiment involving water and oil (the mixture shares)
  • Separate milk and cream


Word flashcards
The flashcards may be used during circle time to spark a conversation with the group or in your reading and writing area. They may also be used to identify your thematic bins. (Open word flashcards - Sharing) sharing, fraction, love, kindness, toys, portion, friendship, together, selfish, mean, giving, receiving


Illustrated story - Sharing
(Open picture clue story - Sharing) Print. Sit in a circle with the group. Begin telling the story. Pause for each picture clue. Point to the clue and have children guess the missing word.



Let's share this game
Have children hold a parachute with one hand and hold out the other one for balance. Spin around in one direction, change hands, and repeat in the opposite direction. You may choose to use music to signal the change of direction. For example, you may change direction when the music stops.


SHARING DAYSharing - Perpetual calendar

(Open perpetual calendar - Sharing Day)

Arrange children in pairs for the day. They must share their toys and reap the many benefits of sharing. You may organize a bottle collection and, as a group, make a money donation. You could also ask parents to bring items of clothing which can be donated to a shelter or to the Salvation Army.


Play store

(Open pretend money) Print several copies and laminate. Set up a cash register and have children take turns operating it. Provide children with plastic bags with handles. They can use them to "shop" throughout the daycare. You may require they find specific items or allow them to purchase any toys they want. Guide them towards the cash register.



The parachute - A sharing game
Explain that certain activities are more enjoyable when they are done as a group. The parachute is a perfect example of such an activity. Demonstrate how difficult it would be to play with a parachute alone. It's impossible! Playing with a parachute is sharing. If you do not have your own parachute, you may use a sheet.


Sharing balls
Have children try to roll balls into the circle in the centre of the parachute.


Sharing waves
While holding the parachute, children move their arms up and down to create waves.


Lift the parachute
Ask children to lift the parachute high above their heads and then back down. Have them notice the soft sound and gentle breeze which can be heard. Repeat the movement, adding speed and intensity. Did the sound change?


Sharing mushroom
Standing, children gradually lift the parachute to their waist for three counts and then quickly lift the parachute over their head and crouch down, pulling the parachute firmly behind them. This creates a mushroom-like effect as the parachute falls back down.


Cat game
Lift the parachute up very high, over your head. Have a child run, hop, spin, or crawl from one side of the parachute to the other. He must make it to the other side before the parachute falls to the ground.


Parachute race
Allow children to run on the parachute one at a time. The rest of the group shakes the parachute, creating waves. See how long children can remain standing. Children may sing a song. When the song ends, another child may try the game.


Back and forth
Sitting, have children perform a back and forth motion while holding the parachute.



Invite children to each bring a toy they are willing to give to less fortunate children. Each child presents his object to the group. As a group, visit a local charity to give them the items. (Open perpetual calendar - Bring a toy to give away)

Sharing - Snakes and Ladders

To share or not to share?
(Open game - Sharing) Print and laminate. Children ask themselves which items can and cannot be shared. They then associate the tiny pictograms to the correct illustration.


Sharing snakes and ladders
(Open Snakes and ladders - Sharing) Print and laminate. Play with a die. Each time a player rolls the number 4, he shares two points with a friend, advancing his pawn two spaces.


Sharing treasure hunt
Hide puzzle pieces throughout the daycare or outdoors. Have children search for them and deposit them in the centre of a circle. Once all the pieces have been found, they may reconstruct the puzzle as a group.



(Open scrapbook - Sharing) Throughout the theme, encourage children to tell you about an activity, a certain quality, or a funny story involving their friends at daycare. At the end of the theme, you may read the notes to the group. Add this page to their scrapbooks (Open scrapbook) For younger children, you may simply draw a picture.


A solo or an orchestra
Have each child choose a musical instrument. Let them play their musical instrument alone in front of the group. Once everyone has had a turn, offer them the possibility to play music as a group. Record the "orchestra" and play it back for them to enjoy. They will be proud of what they accomplished as a group.


I am sharing blocks

Set up teams. Distribute an equal number of blocks to each team. Each team must build a structure using only the blocks they were given.


I am sharing with my secret friend
At the beginning of the theme, at circle time, have each child draw the name of one of his peers from a bag (use pictures if they are unable to recognize names). Children try to be extra kind to their secret friend. They may guess who picked their name too.



Sharing lunch and snack: Children bring a lunch prepared with their parents' help at home. One child may be responsible for the morning snack, another for the afternoon snack, one or two may prepare the lunch, another child dessert, etc. Plan this activity with parents.



Shared crafts
Suggest crafts which force children to share. Provide only single items (one glue stick, one pair of scissors, etc.) Children will find a way to work on their project by taking turns.


A blanket for everyone
Have children paint on square pieces of fabric. Fabric paint will do. Acrylic paint can be washed and is an economical choice. Each child paints his squares. Once dry, assemble them to look like a quilt. This blanket may be shared or given to a different child each day.


Collective art
Have children make a giant greeting card for hospitalized children or a retirement home. They will be proud to brighten their day!


COLORING PAGESSharing - Coloring book

(Open coloring pages theme - Sharing booklet) Print one booklet for the entire group. They must share the coloring book.


(Open creative coloring pages - Sharing) Print for each child. Invite children to complete the picture with whatever sharing represents for them.




by: Patricia Morrison

Sung to: Row, row, row your boat


Share, share with your friends
Each and every day
Happily, happily, happily, happily
You'll have so much fun


Share and play

by: Patricia Morrison

Sung to: Where is thumbkin?


Where is sharing? Where is sharing?
Here it is, here it is
Sharing at my daycare, sharing at my daycare
Share and play, share and play




Have fun!

The Educatall team


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