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Treasure hunt

The weather is milder and the sun is inviting us to go for long walks with babies and toddlers.


Finding fun learning activities represents an excellent way to change up this daily routine and make walks interesting for little ones.

Treasure hunt-1

Today, I suggest preparing a simple treasure hunt that is perfect for young children. In fact, this activity will help develop their visual perception while challenging them with a basic association game.


You will need pictures. You can print pictures available in the educatall club or use pictures you have taken. The advantage of using your own pictures is that the photographed items will be identical to the items children will be invited to search for in your neighbourhood.


Treasure hunt-2


Laminate the pictures so you can use them again later in the season. If you wish, you could slide the pictures on a ring to create a unique picture book children will love manipulating.


How to play
With babies and toddlers, it is best to show them a single picture at a time. Show them a photographed item and encourage them to search for it during your daily walk. For example, they may search for a flower. Every time you spot a flower, point to it and show them the corresponding picture. Older toddlers will successfully identify flowers on their own. They will also associate them with the corresponding picture.


Treasure hunt-3


A few picture suggestions
Use pictures of the following items: a flower, a pine tree, a playground, a house, a bird, a dog, a car, a truck, a large rock, a cat, a park bench, a hat (you may meet people who are wearing a hat), etc.


Treasure hunt-4


Look for a person
If you know someone who has a little time on their hands, invite her to be your accomplice. Photograph her and ask her to stand in a certain location at a specific time. Your accomplice may even wear a costume. For example, she could wear bunny ears, a bold hat, or a superhero cape. Show children the picture and invite them to search for her as you walk around your neighbourhood.


Remembering a past activity
To help children remember this activity, set your picture book where everyone can see it, within your daycare. Use it to discuss the things you saw in your neighbourhood during your walks.

Happy hunting!


Chantal Millette
Early childhood educator


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