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Quick tips to guarantee a zen summer

I've said it before and I will say it again: summer is the ideal time to recharge our batteries and restore our energy levels. Even if summer still involves working, caring for children, and keeping them busy, many little tricks can be used to guarantee the summer months leave you feeling zen. Read on to discover a few.


STOP planning. Give children the freedom to choose which activities they want to enjoy each day. Scheduled activities can wait until fall, when the sun starts playing hide-and-seek again.


Let children decide. Whether you are wondering what to serve at snack time, which game to play, or which playground to visit, encourage children to make decisions. Sit back and supervise their decision-making process.


Get outside, even when it's raining. Ask parents to send a raincoat and rubber boots for their child. Many rainy days are quite warm and pleasant during summer. When children are dressed appropriately, outdoor play may be possible despite the rain.


Prepare light meals with children. Sandwiches, salads, dips, and veggies are popular during the warm summer months. Involve children in meal and snack preparations. Prepare food platters ahead of time and simply deposit them in the centre of the table. Let children pick and choose what they want to eat buffet-style. This type of meal is always popular!


Take everything outside. Naptime, meals, snacks, and games can all be enjoyed outside during summer. Take advantage of the sunshine to take a break from your regular routine. Stepping out of your indoor environment will be good for everyone.


Move more. This trick applies to you too, not just the children in your group. Being more active is a simple feel-good recipe with psychological and physical advantages. Run, climb, or practice yoga outdoors. These and many other physical activities will help you feel zen.


Set up outdoor play areas. I love using tents in the yard. If your outdoor play area is large enough, set up several tents. Each one can host a different type of activity. For example, you may have a reading corner in one tent, an arts & crafts area in another tent, and offer board games in a third tent. Children can play comfortably in the tents, in the shade.


Summer doesn't last very long. I hope these quicks will help you enjoy it!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator



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