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A modified task chart

When working with children who have special needs, many tools will need to be modified. The tools you normally use may work well for most of the group, but for children who have special needs, they may involve too much information, too many colors, too many abstract explanations... Of course, the reasons explaining why a tool isn't working may vary, since each child is unique. I like to adapt the tools I use to each child's needs.


Today, I would like to share a personalized task chart that works well with children who have special needs. It is tangible and extremely simple to use. It helps children focus on their tasks...and their tasks alone. In the educatall club, you will find task charts that can be used in a group setting. However, traditional task charts may not be helpful for one or two child(ren) in your group. Children who have special needs may be overwhelmed by all the information a traditional task chart contains. If this is the case, it will be very difficult for them to successfully complete their task(s).


How does this modified task chart work?

  1. (Open personalized task chart) Print and laminate. Attach Velcro behind each pictogram representing a task as well as inside each circle on the chart itself. Velcro will make using the chart easier (children usually like using it too).
  2. Write the child's name at the top of the chart. I suggest adding a picture of the child.
  3. Display the task chart within the child's reach.
  4. The task chart will make giving the child a daily task possible. With the child, choose a task and have him stick the corresponding pictogram on the top row. Once the child has completed his task, he can move the pictogram to the bottom row.
  5. The task chart also has a "motivational" section. Every time the child completes his task, let him color a happy face with a dry-erase marker. When all five (5) happy faces are colored, give the child a pre-determined reward.

Once again, the steps and method can be modified to suit the needs of each child. The goal is for the task chart to represent a helpful tool.


Enjoy using this modified task chart!


Maude Dubé
Specialized educator


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