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We’ve packed a lot of bats into this theme’s games, crafts, workshops, and activities designed to teach children all about these Halloween creatures.

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Bat-filled activity sheets, word flashcards, coloring pages, stickers, puppets, lacing and writing activities, and other printable documents!

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Print a variety of posters and use them to decorate the walls of your daycare. (Open thematic poster-Bats)

(Open stickers-Bats) Print the illustrations on adhesive paper and use them to create original stickers for your group.

(Open educa-theme-Bats) Print and laminate the different elements representing the theme. Use them to present the theme to your group (and their parents) while decorating your daycare.

(Open educa-decorate-Bats) Print, laminate, and cut out the illustrations. Use them to decorate your walls and set the mood for the theme.

(Open models-Bats) Print and let children decorate the garland elements. Cut out the items and use them to create a garland that can be hung near your daycare entrance or within your daycare.

(Open craft-bats) Print and trace the wings on heavy cardboard to create a model that children can trace on black construction paper. Have them cut out the construction paper wings and stick them on an empty toilet paper roll they have either painted black or wrapped in black paper. Use invisible thread to hang the bats from an indoor clothesline. Remember, the bats must be hung head down since they sleep during the day.

The following tool was created in response to a special request received. (Open poster-Turn back your clocks) Print, laminate, and display near your daycare entrance.

Animated discussion-Bats

(Open picture game-Bats) Print and laminate the pictures in the format you prefer. Use them to spark a conversation with your group and ask children questions about bats.

Poni discovers and presents-Bats
(Open Poni discovers and presents-Bats) Print and laminate. Use your Poni puppet (or another puppet children are familiar with) to present the different parts of a bat. Invite children to bring a book, a stuffed animal, a movie, or any other item they may have related to the theme to daycare. Set all the items in the centre of your circle time area and explore them one by one.

Bat puppet for circle time
(Open puppets-Bats) Print on heavy cardboard and cut out. Stick a Popsicle stick behind the puppet and use it during circle time. Explain how only the child who is holding the puppet may speak.

PICTURE GAMEEduca-theme-Bats
The pictures may be used as a memory game or to spark a conversation with the group. Use them to decorate the daycare or a specific thematic corner.
(Open picture game-Bats) Print, laminate, and store in a "Ziploc" bag or in your thematic bins.

Memory game-Bats
(Open picture game-Bats) Print the pictures twice and use them for a traditional memory game.

(Open Activity sheets-Bats) Print and follow instructions.

Writing activities are suggested each week. Print for each child or laminate for use with a dry-erase marker. (Open writing activities-B like bat)

Creating your own activity binder
Laminate several activity sheets and writing activities and arrange them in a binder along with dry-erase markers. Leave the binder in your writing area and let children complete the pages as they wish. At the end of the day, simply wipe off their work so the activity binder can be reused.

(Open educa-nuudles-Bats) Print for each child. Have children color the sheet and use Magic Nuudles to give it a three-dimensional look. Variation: You don't have Magic Nuudles? Have children fill the spaces designed for Magic Nuudles with bingo markers or stickers. To order Magic Nuudles.


  • Blocks that can be used to build haunted houses.
  • Plastic bats...and lots of them!
  • Hang a large spider web in a corner of your area or set it in the bottom of a storage bin.
  • Add decorative squash to your area.
  • Lay fabric leaves on the floor or hang them on the walls.

Arts & crafts:

  • All kinds of papers and cardboard in Halloween colors: orange, purple, black, green, etc.
  • Cat, bat, pumpkin, witch, and candy models for collages, painting, coloring, etc.
  • Make your own pumpkin-shaped piñata and fill it with Halloween treats.
  • Recycled materials that can be used to create a ghost town scale model.
  • Make robot, monster, or witch masks children can wear to parade around the neighbourhood.
  • Make hats of all kinds out of construction paper and add Halloween accessories and decorations.
  • Collages with candy, be sure to let children taste test the material!
  • Confetti, Fun Foam shapes, Halloween glitter, feathers, glitter glue, etc. for decorating miniature pumpkins (individually) or a large pumpkin (as a group).


  • Bat-themed coloring pages.Educa-decorate-Bats-2
  • Waxed crayons for drawing bats.
  • Bat-shaped stencils.

Role play:

  • Costumes, hats, jewellery...
  • Makeup pencils for painting children's faces or letting them try their hand at it.
  • A large black cauldron with plastic cooking utensils, dried orange, black, or white lentils... Add a few plastic bats to the mix!
  • Ask parents to share old clothing items they no longer need with you and add them to your dress-up bin.
  • A puppet theatre and puppets representing different Halloween characters.
  • Old white bed sheets (or tulle for safety) you can drape over children to turn them into ghosts.
  • Capes (old bed sheets) that children can draw on and wear to pretend they are superheroes, vampires, or magicians.
  • Various Halloween-themed accessories such as glasses with a large plastic nose attached, wigs, plastic fingers, etc.


  • Bat-themed memory game.
  • Bat-themed puzzles.
  • Black modeling dough and Halloween cookie cutters.
  • Lotto game or other board games involving bat illustrations.
  • Bat finger puppets.Color by number-Bats
  • Fabric scraps with different textures in Halloween colors.
  • Black seeds that can be counted and sorted in numbered containers.


  • Books about bats.
  • Sequential story involving bats.
  • A song box containing cards with the titles of Halloween songs children can sing. Pick a card and sing the corresponding lyrics.
  • Ask parents to provide pictures of their child from past Halloweens.
  • A CD containing Halloween-related sounds children can listen to with headphones.


  • Activity sheets related to the theme.
  • Games with word flashcards.
  • Bat shapes that can be traced.
  • Words connected to the theme for tracing.
  • Connect the dots to discover a witch, a pumpkin, or a bat.
  • Hunt and seek activities involving bats.
  • Two bat illustrations that children must compare to identify differences.

Motor skills:

  • Picture game-Bats-2An obstacle course throughout which children must search for plastic bats.
  • A treasure hunt where children must search for items that are orange like a pumpkin, white like a ghost, and black like a bat.
  • A treasure hunt involving real items or illustrations (indoors or outdoors).
  • Use toilet paper to wrap children and represent mummies.
  • Play The bat says...
  • Play a game of tag where the witch must capture her bats.

Sensory bins:

  • Water table to which you have added black food coloring.
  • A pasta, rice, or sand bin. Use powdered paint to make the element orange or black.
  • A container filled with plastic bats.
  • A container filled with plastic insects from the dollar store.
  • A bin filled with cooked pasta to which you have added a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
  • A container filled with orange or purple Jell-O that children can manipulate to explore a different texture.


  • The melting candle (manipulations executed by adult). Children will enjoy watching the wax drip.
  • Orange and black balloons for exploring static electricity. You can also use a fan or hairdryer to blow them around to explore wind.
  • Carve a pumpkin to explore its insides, manipulate the seeds. Provide magnifying glasses.


  • Roast pumpkin seeds.
  • Prepare candy skewers.
  • Bake pumpkin cookies or muffins.
  • Halloween-shaped sugar cookies.Giant word flashcards-Bats-1
  • Decorate chocolate cupcakes for Halloween.
  • Marshmallow ghosts.


The flashcards may be used during circle time to spark a conversation with the group or in your reading and writing area. They may also be used to identify your thematic bins. (Open word flashcards-Bats) (Open giant word flashcards-Bats) bat, black, night, sky, to fly, wings, insect, mammals, upside down, Halloween, legs, vampire

Let's chat
(Open word flashcards-Bats) (Open giant word flashcards-Bats) Print and laminate the word flashcards. Have each child pick a word and present it to the group (ex. sky). Ask them questions to see what they know about the theme.

Word clothesline
(Open word flashcards-Bats) (Open giant word flashcards-Bats) Print two copies of several word flashcards. Hang one copy of each word on an indoor clothesline with colourful clothespins. Arrange the copies in a pile on a table. Let children take turns picking a word and finding the matching word on the clothesline. When they find a match, they can place the flashcard on top of the one that was already hanging on the clothesline. Help younger children manipulate the clothespins if necessary.

Word race
(Open word flashcards-Bats) (Open giant word flashcards-Bats) Print several word flashcards and hide them throughout your daycare or yard. Divide your group into two teams. When you give them the signal, children must search for the flashcards for a pre-determined period, for example three minutes. When the time is up, children must be able to "read" their flashcards to earn a point for their team. If they are unable to find the correct word, the other team can earn the point if they succeed.

ROUTINES AND TRANSITIONSGiant word flashcards-Bats-2

Bat path
(Open colourful bats) Print several pumpkins and use them to create a path that leads to different areas children visit during the day such as the cloakroom, the bathroom, the table, etc.

Bat stroll
Arrange pictures of bats on the floor. Have children hop on them on one foot, on two feet, like frogs, etc. Every hop will help improve children's gross motor skills.

Giant hopscotch
Use adhesive tape to draw a giant hopscotch grid on the floor. If you wish, it could connect two areas within your daycare. Children will enjoy hopping on the grid to move from the playroom to the cloakroom for example. Have them alternate hops on one and two feet. Draw bats in each square.


Bat hunt
(Open miniature bats) Print and laminate. Hide the bats throughout your daycare and have children search for them. The child who finds the most bats can hide them for the next round.

Magnetic bat family
(Open models-bats) Print and laminate the models. Glue each bat on magnetic paper. Set the bats on a table, next to a baking sheet. Children will have fun sticking the bats on the baking sheet.

Bat lacingGiant word flashcards-Bats-3
(Open lacing-Bats) Print, laminate, and punch holes all the way around the models. Set them on a table along with shoelaces that have a knot at one end and encourage children to thread the shoelaces through the holes.

Bat pictures
Collect several bat pictures and illustrations and display them throughout your daycare (walls, cupboards, floors, etc.). Children will enjoy discovering the bats during the day.

Watch out for the bat
Pick a child who will pretend to be a bat. He/she must try to touch another child. When he/she succeeds, the child who was touched becomes the bat. Variation: The child who is touched by the bat must stand still, with his/her arms stretched out to his/her sides. Several children can be "frozen" at the same time. They can resume running if another child passes under one of their arms. Change bats regularly.

Giant bat
Provide a large quantity of black blocks. With your group, stack the blocks to represent a giant bat. Keep going until the bat crashes to the floor.

Hiding bats
Fill a kiddie pool with crumpled pieces of paper or fabric scraps. Hide miniature plastic bats among the pieces of paper or fabric. When you give the signal, children must search for the bats. Every time they find one, they must deposit it in a pre-determined area before going back to search for more.

Bat transportationMiniature-bats
Divide your group into two teams. Draw a start and a finish line on the floor, at opposite ends of your daycare. Set a cone on the finish line. When you give the signal, the first child from each team must grab a bat, carry it to the finish line, go around the cone, and hurry back to give the bat to the next child in line. The first team to complete the task wins.


Words in the sand
(Open word flashcards-Bats) (Open giant word flashcards-Bats) Print and laminate the word flashcards. Stick each word on the end of a Popsicle stick and poke them in the ground, throughout your yard. Invite children to stand on a line, at one end of your yard. When you give them the signal, they must run to find a word flashcard, grab it, and go to your sandbox where they can "trace" the letters of the word in the sand using a stick (or their finger). Help children if necessary. Younger children can simply stick the word flashcard they found in the sandbox and "read" the word with you. If you wish, you can encourage children to use sand to represent the word. For example, if a child found the word "to fly", he/she could draw tiny wings in the sand. The goal is to give children the opportunity to notice different words. When everyone is done, simply use a small rake to "erase" their work and start over again. Ask children to pick a different word for each round.

Words in our yard
(Open word flashcards-Bats) (Open giant word flashcards-Bats) Print and laminate the word flashcards associated with the theme. Use chalk to write the words in your yard. Before heading outside with your group, hand each child one (or more) word flashcard(s). Encourage them to search for the corresponding word(s) in your yard. When they find one, help them "read" the word.

Where are the bats?Poni discovers and presents-Bats
(Open colourful bats) Print and hide the bats throughout the daycare. Hide one bat per child. Each child must find one bat and set it on a table. Once all the bats have been found, let children play with them or hide them again and start over.


Color by number-Bats
(Open color by number-Bats) Children must color the picture per the color code.

Big and small-Bats
(Open educ-big and small-Bats) Print and laminate the game. Children must determine the correct order for each set of cards, from the smallest to the biggest item, and arrange them in the squares using Velcro or adhesive putty.

(Open educ-trace-Bats) Print for each child. Children must trace the lines using a crayon of the designated color and then color the item at the end of each line with the corresponding color.

Educ-pairs-BatsColourful bats
(Open educ-pairs-Bats) Print. Children must draw a line between identical illustrations or color them using the same color. For durable, eco-friendly use, laminate for use with dry-erase markers.

Miming words
(Open word flashcards-Bats) (Open giant word flashcards-Bats) Print and laminate the flashcards. Deposit them in an opaque bag and use them for a mime game. Children take turns picking a word and miming it so the other children can identify the correct word. For example, if a child picks the word "wings", he/she can hold his/her arms out to either side of his/her body and flap them.


Musical bats
(Open colourful bats) Print, laminate, and stick the bats on the floor throughout your daycare. Encourage children to move about the daycare to the sound of music. Every time the music stops, they must quickly find a bat to stand on.


Bat scienceLacing-Bats
Pour a few drops of black poster paint on a piece of paper and let children spread it around. If you prefer, add drops of different colors and let children mix them together until the paint turns black for a fun experiment.


Yummy bats
Bake chocolate cupcakes and frost them with chocolate icing. Cut an Oreo cookie in half for each cupcake. Press both pieces on the top of a cupcake to represent bat wings. Press two tiny candy pieces on each cupcake to represent eyes.


Little bat, little bat
Paint paper plates with black poster paint to represent bats. Hang the bats from the ceiling. Encourage older children to glue eyes, a nose, and a mouth cut out of yellow construction paper on their bat.

(Open models-Bats) Print the models and use them for your various projects and needs throughout the theme.

(Open mandalas-Bats) Print for each child. Encourage children to color the mandalas to help them relax.

My bat master hat
(Open educa-decorate-Bats) Print and cut out. Glue the shapes on a construction paper cone or headband.

Finger puppets-Bats
(Open finger puppets-Bats) Print the finger puppets on heavy paper. Have children cut them out. Show them how they can insert their fingers in the holes to move the puppets.

Bat masks
(Open masks-Bats) Print and glue the mask on a stick so children can easily hold it in front of their face.

Crumpled paper bats
(Open models-Bats) Print for each child. Have children tear and crumple pieces of black tissue paper. They can apply white glue all over the bat shape and use the crumpled pieces of paper to fill it.

Paper bag bats
Children use black poster paint to decorate brown paper bags and make them look like bats. Provide feathers, sequins, stickers, wiggly eyes, etc. When they are done, display the bats so visitors and parents can admire them.

Clothespin batsFinger-puppets-Bats
Have each child paint a clothespin with black poster paint. Have them trace tiny wings on black construction paper and cut them out. They must glue the wings on either side of their clothespin to make it look like a miniature bat. Use the clothespin bats to hang children's artwork.

Trace and cut bats of different sizes. (Open models-Bats) Decorate the bats with glitter, lace, ribbon, cotton balls, etc. Glue them on either side of different lengths of string and hang them from the ceiling.

Magnetic bats
You will need the top of a frozen juice can for each child. Cut a circle the same size as the top of the can out of black felt. Glue it on the metal circle. Cut eyes, a nose, and a mouth out of yellow felt and have children glue them on the black felt. Glue a magnet behind each tiny bat so children can stick it on their refrigerator at home.

Tiny bats
For each child, cut two egg carton sections. Have children glue them together and paint them with black poster paint. Once the black paint is dry, have them use yellow poster paint to add a face to their tiny bat. Glue construction paper wings on either side.

Sticky bat
Cut a bat shape out of adhesive paper. Let children stick tissue paper all over their bat.

Bat costumeMasks-Bats-1
Have children wear black pants and a black sweater. (Open craft-Bats) Print and trace the wings on black construction paper or cardboard. Use ribbon to attach them to a child's sweater. If you prefer, simply cut wing shapes out of black fabric.

Bat mask
(Open masks-Bats) Print and stick a mask on a Popsicle stick for each child so it is easy for them to hold the mask up in front of their face.

(Open glasses-Bats) Print the model and trace it on heavy cardboard for each child. Cut out the centre of each of the lenses and add colourful cellophane paper.

(Open models-Bats) Print and cut out. Children must cut out the bats and glue them all the way around a construction paper headband. Measure the circumference of each child's head and staple the ends of the headbands together accordingly.

COLORING PAGESColoring pages theme-Bats
(Open coloring pages theme-Bats) Print for each child.


Identical coloring pages-Bats
Print the same coloring page for each child and an additional copy for your model. Color only certain parts of your picture. Present the model to your group and ask them to color their picture to make it look exactly like yours.

Coloring binder-Bats
Print and laminate several coloring pages and arrange them in a binder with a few dry-erase markers. Leave everything on a table for children to explore.

Musical drawing-Bats
Play musical drawing with your group. Give each child a coloring page. Have children sit around a table. When the music starts, they must pass the coloring pages around the table. Every time the music stops, they must color the picture in front of them until the music starts again.

Homemade puzzles-Bats
Give each child a picture to color. When they are done, cut each picture into pieces to create unique puzzles.

(Open songs & rhymes-Bats)Songs-&-rhymes-Bats.jpg
Sung to: Hot crossed buns By: Patricia Morrison

Upside down
Upside down
Upside down
Fast asleep
Fast asleep
Upside down

When you are a bat
All day long you are
Fast asleep
Fast asleep
Upside down

Have fun!
The educatall team

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