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Activities for toddlers and babies

A theme for exploring shapes and colors with young children.




Shapes and hands everywhere
Cut a variety of shapes out of colourful cardboard. Press children's hands in poster paint and add a handprint to the centre of each shape. Hang the shapes from the ceiling throughout your daycare.




Shapes on my body
During diaper changes, encourage children to look at different parts of their body by drawing colourful shapes on them with makeup pencils. For example, draw a small yellow triangle on their hand, a blue square on their foot, and a green circle on their stomach. Point to the shapes as you name each body part.




Stained glass for little hands

Cut a variety of shapes out of colourful cellophane paper. To make the shapes more durable, apply adhesive tape around the edge of each shape. Spray water on a window and encourage babies and toddlers to press the shapes on it. They will enjoy applying and removing the shapes repeatedly. Add water if necessary.


SENSORY ACTIVITIES (look and taste)


Edible geometric shapes
Use cookie cutters representing different basic shapes to cut food items. You can, for example, cut a triangle out of cheese, a circle out of a slice of bread, a square out of a melon slice, etc. Explore and eat the foods with your group.




Colourful wooden blocks
Purchase unpainted wooden blocks in a variety of shapes. Invite babies and toddlers to paint them with different colors. Once the paint is dry, apply non-toxic varnish. Let dry. Set the blocks in your construction area and let children manipulate them.


Modeling dough shapes
Provide different colors of modeling dough for older toddlers. Add cookie cutters representing different geometric shapes. Help children roll out the dough and cut shapes.




Shapes and colors from home
Select a day where children will be invited to bring a toy from home that has something to do with colors or shapes. For example, they may bring a shape puzzle, a book about shapes, a multi-coloured stuffed animal, etc. Let children manipulate the items throughout the day. A simple trick: take pictures of the items before letting children play with them so it will be easy to verify that no pieces are missing before sending them home at the end of the day.




Shape and color table
Make lunch time fun and enriching for children by sticking colourful geometric shapes on the table using adhesive paper. Observe and name the shapes with your group.




Use different geometric shapes to create frames. Cut a circle, a triangle, and a square out of the centre of pieces of cardboard. Stick a picture of your group behind each pre-cut shape and laminate. Look at the shapes with your group and name the children in the pictures.


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