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I see Christmas

Activities for toddlers and babies


This theme will encourage children to look at and notice the Christmas decorations that are part of their environment.




Lit-up ceiling

To attract children’s gaze upwards, hang Christmas lights directly on your daycare ceiling to represent a luminous garland.




Cards for diaper changes

Purchase or recycle old Christmas greeting cards. Glue pictures or illustrations inside each card. Laminate both sides of the cards. Let babies and toddlers manipulate the cards and look at them during diaper changes.


Multi-coloured ornaments

Hang several unbreakable Christmas tree ornaments above your table. At lunch time, encourage children to look up at them. Name the colors.




Out for a stroll

Slowly, the business and home owners in your neighbourhood are decorating for Christmas. Whenever you go for a walk with your group, admire the decorations together.


Gift bag posters

Purchase or recycle several Christmas-themed gift bags. Cut both sides of each bag to create two posters with each bag. Keep the handles and use them to hang the posters on a wall. If you wish, you may also stick the posters on the ceiling, over your changing table.




Stick and peel window decorations

Select several Christmas-themed pictures or illustrations. Print them, cut them out, and laminate them. Use a spray bottle to moisten a window or mirror. Press the pictures or illustrations on the surface, at children’s level. They will stick to the window or mirror. Let babies and toddlers observe the pictures or illustrations. They will enjoy peeling them off and rearranging them repeatedly.




Christmas parents

Invite parents to wear a Christmas hat and wrap a garland around their neck. Have them pose for you. Print a picture of each child’s parents. Laminate the pictures and display them on a wall or arrange them in a photo album. If you wish, you can use the pictures to create special personalized puppets. Have fun looking at the pictures with your group.




Christmas fabrics and object permanence

Purchase several scraps of Christmas fabric. If you prefer, simply use red and green scarves. Use the fabric to hide your face and play peek-a-boo games with the children in your group. Every time you pull the fabric off your face, say, “Merry Christmas!” Another way to play with the fabric pieces is to use them to hide objects. Simply set the fabric pieces over items within your daycare and encourage children to move about so they can pull the fabric off the items and discover what they were hiding.




Wrapping paper

Purchase wrapping paper with pretty Christmas designs. Have fun admiring the designs with the children in your group. Let children manipulate the paper, unroll it, crumple it, and carry it around the daycare. Show them how they can tear the paper (supervision required). At the end of the activity, be sure to pick up all the pieces of paper. Store them in a box and use them for various crafts.




Illustrated Christmas songs & rhymes

Select a few Christmas-themed songs & rhymes. Find a picture representing each one. For example, if you choose to sing Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, you could have a picture of a reindeer. Point to the corresponding picture and sing the song together.



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