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These adorable characters have many fun, out-of-the-ordinary activities in store for little ones.




The forest fairy

Hang a large tree branch horizontally from the ceiling using several pieces of heavy rope to guarantee it won’t fall. Print and laminate several fairy illustrations and pictures and hang them from the tree branch with pretty ribbon. If you wish, add children’s art projects during the week.




A fairy in my plate

Print several different fairy pictures. Use adhesive paper to stick a picture in the bottom of each child’s bowl or plate before filling them with food. Babies and toddlers will enjoy discovering a fairy as they eat.


Group version for snack time

You will need a large platter. Use adhesive paper to stick a fairy picture on it. Set children’s snack items on the picture. Children will discover the fairy picture as they eat their snack.




The night fairy

Fill empty plastic bottles with objects that glow in the dark such as glow sticks and fluorescent stars. Fluorescent paint works well too. Tell children that the night fairy visited your daycare and left beautiful exploration bottles for them. Make your daycare as dark as possible so children can really appreciate the bottles the night fairy left for them.




Fairy dust

Purchase a moisturizing lotion that has glitter in it. You can make your own fairy dust simply by adding very fine glitter to a jar of lotion or a bottle of neutral glycerin. Deposit a small amount of fairy dust on each child’s arm. Encourage them to spread the fairy dust on their skin using their hand. They will love observing the glitter. Avoid using your fairy dust close to children’s eyes.




The star fairy

Cut a star shape out of heavy cardboard for each child. Encourage older toddlers to draw on their star or decorate it as they wish using a variety of arts & crafts materials. Help children glue their star to the tip of a wooden skewer to represent a wand. Let children manipulate their wand (supervision required).




A fairy for Mommy and Daddy

Purchase fairy wings (costume). Children can take turns wearing them. Photograph them individually. Print the pictures and use them for a variety of projects. For example, you could have each child paint a frame, create a card, or make their own fairy-themed calendar. Add a picture of each child to his artwork. If you wish, write “From your little fairy” at the top.




Fairy hideout and flashlights

Stick fairy pictures under a table using adhesive paper. Give each child a flashlight. Invite your group to search for the fairy hideout. They will love crawling under the table to observe the pictures with their flashlight. If you wish, drape a dark blanket over the table to create a more intimate hideout.


Variation: Set up a play tent in your daycare. Stick a few fairy pictures on the tent walls and let children explore them together.





Purchase several small bracelets with tiny bells or make your own. Tie the bracelets around children’s wrists or ankles. Encourage them to move their limbs. Play music and invite them to dance so they hear the bells jingle.




The flower fairy’s garden

Cut a flower shape out of heavy cardboard for each child. Let babies and toddlers draw on their flower. Photograph each child individually and glue each child’s picture in the centre of his flower. Use adhesive paper to stick the flowers on the wall, at children’s eye level. Have fun naming each child with your group. You may also name the color of each flower.


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