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Step away, breathe, react

Have you sometimes just had enough? Whether it concerns a parent, a child, or a colleague, at times we feel as if we are just going to explode. I am convinced that it is perfectly human that certain situations frustrate us. I have a declaration to make. I am human and I sometimes lose my cool.


Sometimes, when I am frustrated with a child, I feel as if I am boiling inside. Rest assured, I would never lose my cool to the point of becoming violent. However, when all the resources within me have been used, when I have tried all the intervention methods I know, I get to the point where I just no longer know what to do. My jaw and muscles tighten, my hands become moist... Is there a miniature Hulk living inside of me? No, no, no, I am simply a very emotional person and most of the time the person I am upset with is me.


How could I let the situation degenerate to this point? How did it go so far?


How can we avoid exploding? I have found a technique. It's actually a method to help us react when we feel the pressure rising. Step away, breathe, react. When I feel myself losing control, I step away. The situation is usually less dramatic than we think. Stepping away allows me to regain my objectivity which was lost in the torrent of emotions which overcame me. I breathe. Breathing deeply sends oxygen to my brain which feels like it is boiling. Once I am calm again, I can react appropriately, logically, and reasonably.


So the next time the miniature Hulk buried inside of you surfaces, remember to step away, breathe, and react. By the way, the order is important.



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