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Activities you can do with facecloths

I would like to suggest several quick and simple activities you can create with items we all have on hand.


This time around, let’s use facecloths. Beyond using them to wash the faces and hands of the children you care for, here a few ideas you can have fun with.


Lemon-scented facecloths
In a small bowl of hot water, set a few lemon slices. Moisten facecloths in the bowl and hand one to each child. Encourage children to smell their facecloth and use it to clean their face and hands.


Mirrors and facecloths
After lunch, hand children small unbreakable mirrors and facecloths. Foster their autonomy by encouraging them to wash their face as they admire their refection in the mirrors.


Peek-a-boo game
Babies and toddlers love it when you hide their face with a facecloth for a simple peek-a-boo game. They also enjoy setting a facecloth on their head and pretending it’s a hat. Encouraging these very simple actions may help you clean children’s sticky face and hands more easily.


Facecoth butterflies
Creating facecloth butterflies for your group is a unique way to present facecloths. For each butterfly, simply lay a facecloth flat on a table. Pinch the facecloth and slide both ends towards the centre to make it look like a butterfly.


Facecloth toss
Every now and then, turn your facecloth distribution chore into a fun game. Name each child as you toss him a facecloth, just as you would toss him a ball. Children will anticipate their turn and have fun trying to catch their facecloth.


I am learning colors
Purchase several facecloths in a variety of colors. Have fun naming the colors with your group. This activity represents a great way to explore colors with young children. They will have fun trying to recognize them.


Facecloths in the basket
Use facecloths for a fun gross motor skills activity. Set a basket on the floor and deposit dry facecloths inside it. Let babies and toddlers have fun filling and emptying the basket with facecloths.


Makeup and facecloths
Sit in front of a mirror with your group. Have fun drawing on the tip of each child’s nose with a makeup pencil. When you are done, give each child a facecloth and invite them to wash the color away. Repeat the activity if children seem interested. Older children will enjoy painting their own nose and then washing the color away repeatedly.


Facecloths and dolls

Provide several dolls and facecloths. With your group, have fun pretending to feed the dolls. Once all the dolls have been fed, use the facecloths to wash their face.

Facecloths and dolls at bathtime
Set small bathtubs, empty soap bottles, and facecloths on the floor. With your group, have fun pretending to bathe the dolls.

Facecloths and dolls at bathtime during summer

Fill small bathtubs with water and soap for a simple outdoor water game.


Stuffed animal blankets
You will need an empty tissue box for each of your stuffed animals. Set one stuffed animal inside each box. The boxes will become beds. Deposit a facecloth over each one to represent a blanket.


Spring cleaning
Recycle old facecloths and let the children in your group use them to wash the tables, chairs, and toys.


Facecloth mittens
Sew two facecloths together on three sides to create simple “thumbless” mittens. Slip children’s snack items inside the mittens. Once they have finished eating, wet the mittens and encourage children to wear them to wash their mouth.


Have fun!


Chantal Millette
Early childhood educator


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