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Topponcino mattresses for infants (0-9 months)

The Topponcino mattress was created by Maria Montessori. Its use is recommended with very young infants who cannot yet move about on their own.


What is it exactly?

It’s a small oval-shaped mattress that is somewhat larger than the infant it is being used for.


What can you do with a Topponcino mattress?

Infants can be set on a Topponcino mattress. It is ideal for very young infants and is mainly used with infants who are unable to move around on their own. A Topponcino mattress can be used to comfortably hold a baby in your arms, but also to set an infant on the floor, in his bed, or in a stroller.


The advantages of a Topponcino mattress:


Young infants feel safe, because the mattress stays warm

You can rock an infant to sleep in your arms, directly on a Topponcino mattress. When you are ready to set the infant in his bed, you can do so with the Topponcino mattress. The warmth that has been transferred to the Topponcino mattress remains present and the temperature change between your arms and the bed is less noticeable for the child. This reduces the chances of the infant waking up because he suddenly feels cold.



The Topponcino mattress traps odors that the infant is familiar with. If you set the infant on the floor or in someone else’s arms, he will therefore always feel safe. If the infant’s mother uses the mattress at home, the Topponcino can help the child transition from home to daycare.



The Topponcino mattress is also interesting for the comfort level it provides. It provides a cozy environment for the infant in your arms, on the floor, in his bed, or in his stroller.


Freedom of movement

Another interesting aspect of the Topponcino mattress is that it doesn’t hinder the infant’s movements. Once the infant is set on the mattress, he can move freely. This is not always the case with a simple blanket. Of course, once an infant is all wrapped up in a blanket, he will feel nice and warm, but he may not be able to move his limbs as much as if you use a Topponcino mattress.


You can make your own

A Topponcino mattress is a lot like a changing table pad. It is oval and quilted. Purchasing one can be quite expensive, but you can easily make your own. However, if you choose to do so, it’s important that you create fabric slipcovers that can easily be removed and washed when necessary.


Video tutorials

You can easily find video tutorials on YouTube if you wish to make your own Topponcino mattress.


Chantal Millette

Early childhood educator


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