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Simple idea for a positive reinforcement system

I love positive reinforcement systems. My favorite part is finding ways to adapt these systems so they match the needs and interests of little ones. Each child has his own challenges, so it’s only normal that each child should have his own positive reinforcement tool. Regardless of whether you are a fan of positive reinforcement systems or not, they have proven their worth; in general, children’s behaviour improves greatly when a positive reinforcement system is used appropriately.


Today, I would like to share an ultrasimple system that you can create in under 5 minutes.


You will need:

  • A marker
  • White construction paper or cardboard
  • Crayons

Follow these steps:

You will need a piece of white construction paper or cardboard for each child. On each one, draw two circles, one inside the other. Next, draw lines connecting both circles to create spaces that can later be colored. The number of spaces must be adapted to ensure you provide a realistic goal for each child. 


Simple idea for a positive reinforcement system-1















How to use this simple positive reinforcement system:


As you know, the way positive reinforcement systems are used is very important. A few simple steps are key.

  • Pick a challenge for each child. Write it at the top of his positive reinforcement system.
  • Create a certain number of spaces, depending on the goal you wish to reach. Be realistic and keep in mind that you want the child to experience success fairly quickly.
  • Every time the child adopts the desired behaviour, invite him to color one space. If the child does not enjoy coloring, have him add a sticker or stamp in a space each time the desired behaviour is present.
  • When the child’s wheel is complete, let him choose a special activity as a reward.


It could not be simpler!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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