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Why do we float in the ocean?


Experiment: Salt water


Hypotheses: Ask children if they know the difference between the ocean (salt water) and a lake or river (fresh water). You can ask them who has gone swimming in the ocean, in a lake, in a river, in a swimming pool, in a bathtub...



  • An egg
  • A large transparent glass
  • 4 to 6 tablespoons of salt
  • A spoon


  1. Pour water in the glass until it is ¾ full.
  2. Delicately deposit the egg in the glass. Watch what happens. The egg sinks to the bottom.
  3. Remove the egg from the glass.
  4. Add the salt to the water and stir.
  5. Once again, delicately deposit the egg in the glass. Look, this time it floats!

Explanations: Even if we cannot see it, salt takes up lots of space in the water. It does not leave room for the egg. The egg is unable to penetrate the water so it remains on the surface.



Angélique Boissonneault

has a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science. She has worked in a laboratory and tested her knowledge. She has taught Math, Chemistry, and Physics. She has also developed a simplistic and innovative approach designed to introduce young children to scientific experiments, old and new. She created her friend Globule. This character is sometimes red, and sometimes white. He guides little ones through their scientific experiments and discoveries. It is clear to see Angélique is passionate about children and science. Globule's Approach.


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