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Easter peek-a-boo

Activities for toddlers and babies


Celebrate Easter with young children while exploring object permanence.




Simply hang Easter decorations from the ceiling within your daycare.




A surprise in my egg

Purchase large plastic Easter eggs that open. Hide each child’s snack in an egg. For example, fill the eggs with dry cereal, crackers, or blueberries. Beware of allergies. Repeat this activity throughout the theme.




Searching for the Easter Bunny

This activity is fun outdoors. Hide a stuffed rabbit in your yard or on the path you usually walk along with your group. For example, you could set your stuffed rabbit in a tree, on your car, on a swing, etc. Invite children to look for the Easter Bunny by telling them he is playing hide-and-seek.


SENSORY ACTIVITIES (touch, taste, look)


A snack to discover

For each child, set a tiny chocolate Easter egg in a small bowl. Cover the chocolate eggs with whipped cream. Let children manipulate the whipped cream with their fingers so they discover their surprise. Beware of allergies.


Variation: A snack to discover

Melt chocolate in a small bowl for each child. Once the chocolate is lukewarm completely cover it with vanilla yogurt. Let infants and toddlers press their fingers in the mixture. They will appreciate manipulating and tasting both smooth textures.




Mr. Duck’s feathers

Insert pictures of ducks and chicks in a shallow plastic container. Completely cover the pictures with a thick layer of feathers. Let infants and toddlers manipulate the contents of the container so they discover the pictures. Hang a piece of adhesive paper on a wall (sticky side facing you). Encourage children to press the feathers and the pictures on the adhesive paper.


Behind the mask

Cut out a simple bunny mask for each child (with two holes for the eyes). Let children draw on their mask. When they are done, show them how they can hide behind their mask. Encourage children to look at their reflection in the mirror.




Egg-filled puppets

Set several puppets in the centre of the daycare. Insert a plastic Easter egg in each one. Let infants and toddlers slide their hands inside the puppets to discover the eggs. Act surprised and react cheerfully every time they find another egg. Encourage children to hide the eggs inside the puppets themselves.




I can see your ears Easter Bunny!

Tell children that the Easter Bunny likes to hide in your daycare too. Every day, have fun hiding your stuffed rabbit within your daycare so that only his ears are showing. For example, you could hide your rabbit under a mountain of cushions, in your blocks bin, etc. Invite children to find the Easter Bunny.




Goody bags to discover

Purchase Easter-themed gift bags. Set them here and there throughout your daycare. Hide a variety of tiny items in the bags: musical instruments, balls, books, etc. Let infants and toddlers move from one bag to the next to discover the surprises. Let them manipulate the items and carry the bags around as they wish.




Pictures between the pages

Print and laminate several Easter pictures and illustrations. Slide them between the pages of your storybooks and leave the books out in plain sight. Let infants and toddlers discover the pictures and illustrations as they turn the pages of the books. Together, name the different items.


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