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Velcro board for exploration

Since I am accompanying a child who has special needs, I am constantly searching for activities that will foster the development of his motor skills. My goal is also to help him develop his hand-eye coordination (the ability to coordinate what he sees with his movements) so he can, for example, grasp an object.


Here is how I created my Velcro board.


Velcro board for exploration-1



  • A board
  • Velcro
  • A variety of objects

The board
I used the bottom of a crib for the base of my board. Be creative! You could, among other things, use a large baking sheet, one side of a large cardboard box, the back of a large furniture item, or a piece of wood that has been cut to the desired size.


Velcro board for exploration-2


Using a wall

You may also choose to stick the Velcro pieces directly on a wall or on the side of a furniture item that is already in your daycare instead of creating an actual board.


I chose to use adhesive Velcro strips. I stuck two long strips of Velcro on my board, so it would be easier for the child I am working with to stick the objects on the board and remove them. Depending on the capacities of the children in your group, you may choose to use long strips of Velcro or small squares.


Velcro board for exploration-3


The objects
I thought it was best to offer actual objects, but pictures could also have represented an interesting option. I used a ball, a lid, a laminated picture, and foam bath toys. Look around your daycare and use things you already have on hand. Select small objects and larger ones, depending on the motor skills of the children who will be using your Velcro board.


Other object suggestions

As the weeks go by, you can change up the objects that children explore with your Velcro board. Consider children’s interests when selecting your objects. You could, for example, use wooden blocks, plastic eggs, large puzzle pieces, etc.


Location of your board

You can simply set your Velcro board on the floor and place another object under your board to create a sloped surface. I like to place a cushion under my board. If you wish, you could also use screws to hang your board on a wall, but keep in mind that this method will mean your board’s location will be permanent. Otherwise, you could simply store your board behind or under a large furniture item when it is not being used.


Chantal Millette
Early childhood educator


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