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Playing with pictures of dads

Photograph each child’s father. Print the pictures so you can use them for a variety of games. Be sure to prepare your pictures ahead of time so you can enjoy the activities mentioned in this article right around Father’s Day.


In Daddy’s arms

Photograph each infant and toddler in their father’s arms. Glue the pictures on a large piece of cardboard children have previously drawn on. Write “In Daddy’s arms” at the top. Hang your poster in your cloakroom or close to your daycare entrance. Invite parents to admire it with their child and encourage them to talk about the pictures at the end of the day.


Hidden dads

Print and laminate pictures of dads. Before children arrive in the morning, hide the pictures throughout your daycare. You can, for example, hide them between the pages of books, in your shoe bin, under toys, on top of furniture items, etc. During the day, every time a child finds a picture, invite the other children to gather around to look at it. You could also simply say something like, “You found a picture of Sam’s father in the tunnel. Let’s go show him the picture.”


Dads on the window

Fill a spray bottle with water. Spray water on a window or mirror, at children’s level. Press laminated pictures on the moistened surface. Let infants and toddlers explore and manipulate the pictures. They will enjoy looking at the pictures, removing them, and pressing them on the surface repeatedly. Spray more water on the surface if necessary.


Sorted dads

Purchase a hanging organizer (with pockets, normally used for makeup). Insert laminated pictures of dads in the pockets. Hang your organizer within your daycare. If you have a mirror with a bar in front of it, hang your organizer nearby. Let children pull the pictures out of the pockets, manipulate them, and reinsert them as they wish.


Daddy will be here soon

Print and laminate a picture of each child’s dad. Use adhesive paper to stick them close to your daycare entrance or a window through which children can see their father arrive. When you know a father is about to arrive, point to his picture and say, “Nathan, your daddy will be here soon.” If you have no way of knowing what time a father will arrive, simply point to his picture when you see him drive up and say, “Nathan, your daddy is here now.”


Daddy’s on my plate

Laminate a picture of each child’s dad directly on their plate using adhesive paper. Cover the pictures with food at lunch time. As children eat, they will be surprised to discover their father’s picture.


Have fun!


Chantal Millette

Early childhood educator


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