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New Year’s Eve Party Crackers

New Year’s Eve Party Crackers

These New Year’s Eve party crackers are quick, easy, and fun for kids of all ages. I enjoy making crafts that kids can have fun with once the crafting is done. These would be a fun craft idea for children to make before a New Year’s Eve party.



  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Treats and prizes


New Year’s Eve Party Crackers-1


Step One

Cut the tissue paper into squares (size: approximately twelve inches). Place the paper roll on the square and slide the treats and prizes in the tube. Carefully roll the paper around the tube.



New Year’s Eve Party Crackers-2


Step Two

Tie a piece of ribbon around the tissue paper, at each end. Use the scissors to curl the ends of the ribbon if you wish.



New Year’s Eve Party Crackers-3


This craft is very versatile. Although I made mine very simple, they could be made very fancy using sparkly tissue paper, extra ribbon curls, and printable “Happy New Year” labels.






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