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Easter decoration ideas, a special Easter treat to enjoy, and fun activities suggested by the Easter Bunny himself are tucked into this theme.

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Puppets, posters, bunny tracks, and a thematic letter from the Easter Bunny!

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(OpePuppets-Easter Bunnyn thematic poster-Easter-Surprises) Print and display within your daycare to present the theme to your group (and parents). The educatall team suggests a series of surprise activities for Easter. Present them as a theme or simply pick and choose the activities you prefer and include them in your daily activities. Within this theme, you will find thematic letters that you can print and use as you see fit.


Puppets-Easter Bunny

(Open puppets-Easter Bunny) Print the puppet and glue a Popsicle stick behind it. Use it to present the letters included in this theme to your group.


Easter mailbox

Set up an Easter mailbox area within your daycare. Every morning, children can check the mailbox to see if the Easter Bunny has left a message for them. (Open poster-mailbox-Easter) Print and display to decorate your mailbox area. Each morning, read the daily letter to your group and enjoy the suggested activity or tackle the challenge as a group.


Ideas for your mailbox:Poster mailbox-Easter

  • Purchase the mailbox available on our online store and decorate it for Easter.
  • Use a cardboard box (shoe box, cereal box, small appliance box, etc.) and transform it to make it look like a mailbox, using as many Easter accessories as possible.
  • Recycle an empty metal or plastic coffee can and transform it to make it look like a mailbox.
  • Hang an Easter-themed gift bag from a door handle or hook. Identify it so that children know it is your Easter mailbox.
  • Easter Bunny tracks (Open Easter Bunny tracks) Print, laminate, and arrange the tracks on the floor to create a path linking different areas within your daycare to your mailbox.


Thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 1Thematic letter-Easter Surprises-Day-1

(Open thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 1) Print the letter and leave it where children are sure to find it during circle time. Read the letter to introduce your week filled with Easter-themed surprises.


Hello friends,

I am the Easter Bunny. Throughout the week, I will suggest activities and surprises for you to enjoy. Every day, (early childhood educator’s name) will read a portion of my letter so you may discover the next Easter-themed activity or challenge. Today, I would like you to decorate your daycare for Easter. I have left a box containing surprises that you may use. Have fun decorating!

I look forward to seeing your decorations tomorrow!

Easter Bunny


Memo to the early childhood educator:Fill a box with Easter-themed decorations and items children can use to complete the daily challenge. Offer pink, yellow, and purple waxed crayons, wooden coloring pencils, and markers. Add food coloring to a few containers of white glue. Add metallic Easter-themed confetti or Easter stickers to small containers. Provide pink, purple and yellow feathers as well as different types of paper (tissue paper, crêpe paper, metallic paper, cellophane paper). Of course, you may also add Easter straw.


You can check out our Easter-Decorations theme for inspiration. It includes a wide range of decorations you can create with your group.

Thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 2Thematic letter-Easter Surprises-Day-2

(Open thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 2) Print the letter and insert dry snack items in several plastic Easter eggs ahead of time.


Hello my little bunnies,

Today, I thought I would surprise you and share my favorite Easter snack with you. Have fun finding your snack. It is hidden throughout the daycare.

Have a wonderful day!

Easter Bunny


Memo for the early childhood educator: Insert dry snack items in several plastic Easter eggs. For example, you may choose to offer dry cereal. Hide the eggs throughout the daycare. Children will have fun searching for them and eating the contents.

Thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 3Thematic letter-Easter Surprises-Day-3

(Open thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 3) Print the letter and insert it in your Easter mailbox.


Hello my little friends,

I love coloring! That’s why I left coloring pages with (early childhood educator’s name). Gather all the markers and crayons you can find in Easter colors and use them to color the pretty designs. (Early childhood educator’s name) will help you hang your work from the branches of your Easter tree when you are done.

Easter Bunny


Memo to the early childhood educator: Set an Easter tree up in your daycare. You can use it to display children’s artwork and crafts. (Open coloring pages theme-Easter) Print several coloring pages and encourage children to color them. When they are done, hang them from the branches of your Easter tree.

Thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 4Thematic letter-Easter Surprises-Day-4

(Open thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 4) Before children arrive, print and set the letter in your Easter mailbox along with a bag containing chocolate Easter eggs.


Hello my hopping friends,

It’s a lot of fun to surprise those we love with special treats for Easter. Today, I thought that you would enjoy preparing a small gift that you can give to someone special. I left directions with (early childhood educator’s name). She will provide everything you need to complete a magnificent Easter craft.

Easter Bunny


Memo to the early childhood educator: Gather the material required for the Easter-themed craft you want to create with your group. You will find many suggestions in our Easter crafts theme. It is packed with ideas that can help you organize this special day.

Thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 5Thematic letter-Easter Surprises-Day-5

(Open thematic letter-Easter-Surprises-Day 5) Print the letter and set it in your Easter mailbox along with a special surprise for each child.


Good morning lovelies,

I absolutely love cookies…and I know for a fact that you do too! That’s why today, you will be baking cookies. I left a box in the kitchen. (Early childhood educator’s name) will give you all the ingredients you will need to prepare yummy cookies.

Oh! I almost forgot! I also left a tiny surprise for each of you.

Happy Easter my little friends!

Easter Bunny


Memo for the early childhood educator: Make sure children discover the box you have previously filled with the ingredients they will need to bake cookies. As mentioned in the letter, make sure you have a tiny Easter surprise for each child.


Have fun!

The educatall team


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