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10 arrangement ideas for original corners

Organize thematic bins which can be filled with various objects and finds. Identify the bins per theme. Create a surprise corner which changes each week. Here are 10 original suggestions which you can alternate in your surprise corner. This offers children a new corner every week to encourage discovery.

  1. Create a photography corner
    Cameras, disguises, glasses, scarves, hats, boas, a mirror, empty makeup containers, various accessories, veil.

  2. Create a library corner
    Books, stickers, boxes, pens, ruler, index cards, stamp pads, bags, bookmarks

  3. Create a post office corner
    Envelopes, stickers to be used as stamps, boxes, wrapping paper, pens, ruler, index cards, stamp pads, bags, cardboard, large bags for mail bags

  4. Create a carpenter corner
    Different sizes of paint brushes, paint rollers, bowls, wooden sticks, trays, aprons, measuring tape, hats, paint samples, tools, blocks

  5. Create a hairdresser corner
    Blow dryer, combs, hair rollers, mirrors, telephone, ribbons, cash register, pretend money, wigs, hair clips, spray bottles, empty shampoo bottles, curling iron, cape (can be made with a tablecloth or black fabric), hairstyle magazines and books, elastics, dolls with long hair, bobby pins, etc

  6. Invent a gardening corner
    Plastic or fabric flowers, vases, ribbon, cards, scotch tape, scissors, order forms, cash register, telephone, wrapping paper, paper money, etc

  7. Create a grocery corner
    Cash register, paper money (Monopoly or Canadian Tire money), crayons, brown paper bags, empty containers (egg cartons, milk cartons, cans, pasta boxes, etc.), balance, plastic fruit and vegetables, aprons, etc.

  8. Create a police station corner
    Police badge, plastic handcuffs, hats, costumes, driver's license, notepad with pen, radar (old alarm clock), whistle

  9. Create a hospital corner
    Stethoscope, syringes, towels, balance, medicine bag, tongue depressors, bandages, blankets, rubber gloves, cotton balls, band aids, masks, uniforms, doctor costume, white shirt, reflex hammer, thermometer, mirror, small light, dropper, empty medicine bottles, dolls, notepad, crayons, glasses, cotton swabs, flashlight, tray for doctor tools, poster of the human body

  10. Create a dentist corner
    Toothbrushes, dental floss, small and large mirrors, white shirts, plastic gloves, paper bibs or towels, empty mouthwash bottles, empty toothpaste tubes, toothpaste tubes with hot glue under caps




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