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When Jell-O becomes an activity...

Jell-O is worth exploring due to its interesting texture, colour, and taste.


A Jell-O bin (manipulation game)

A large container filled with Jell-O can easily become a perfect manipulation game for babies who will have great fun exploring its content. To prepare a small Jell-O bin, prepare four Jell-O sachets according to the instructions on each package. Leave in the refrigerator to set.


A good friend of mine once told me she added small toys to Jell-O before putting it in the refrigerator. This makes the Jell-O enticing for little ones to manipulate. I have tried this myself. The first time, I added balls to my Jell-O. The second time, I used tiny plastic fish. Leave Jell-O at room temperature for a little while before presenting babies with it to avoid it being too cold.


Jell-O paint
Jell-O paint is very interesting because of its granular texture and its shiny finish once it's dry. To make Jell-O paint, you mustn't place your preparation in the refrigerator to set. Simply add a small quantity of water to the Jell-O powder and encourage babies to spread it on resistant paper. Adjust the quantity of water according to the desired texture. Personally, I like to make a soft paste. Let dry.


Jell-O and straws (activity for older children)
Although this activity is not suitable for babies, I wanted to share it with you. This is my cousin's idea. Prepare Jell-O as usual. Place a small quantity of Jell-O in each child's plate, cutting it into pieces. Using a large straw, children breathe in to suck the Jell-O up with the straw. This makes a hilarious suction sound which is sure to make everyone laugh!


Homemade Jell-O
Finally, I would like to share a healthier version for caregivers who aren't too keen on serving commercial Jell-O to their group. I first saw this recipe in a nutrition class in college. I use it often and enjoy it very much!


¼ cup of cold water
1 sachet of gelatine
¼ cup boiling water
2 cups of fruit juice


Pour the cold water in a bowl and sprinkle the gelatine powder without stirring for 1 minute. Add hot water and mix until completely dissolved. Add fruit juice. Place in refrigerator to set.



Chantal Milette

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