Pre-K activities, learning games, crafts, and printables


Arrangement ideas for the floor

  1. Lay out one or two mats designed for toy cars in the block corner

  2. With colored tape, create a permanent hopscotch

  3. Define your various corners with colored tape (available in the sporting goods section of all stores)

  4. Magic circle (See suggested song)

  5. Spice up your kitchen corner by adding a thematic mat or rug (example, mats used in front of sinks). We suggest mats related to the seasons or special holidays.

  6. Create a corner with large foam squares (the ones which can be attached are available in many colors). You can install exercise mats.

  7. Gather a variety of cushions and pillows for the naptime corner. They can be covered with colored fabric to match the colors of your daycare.

  8. Print footsteps. (Open PDF of footsteps) They can be laminated and glued to the floor. Children can follow the footsteps to go to the bathroom for example.

  9. Cut designs out of old gift bags. Laminate them and set them on the floor in the baby corner. They can be used in other corners also.

  10. Install a plastic tablecloth or shower curtain to protect the floor for crafts.




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