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Collect all the toys you may have which roll and use them in different ways...


Try to find a few good board books about vehicles and transportation. There are several books about cars, trucks, buses, and trains available. Encourage babies to admire them.


Toys with wheels
Take all the toys with wheels out of storage or borrow some from other groups. You may even present babies with a small garage...


Sing songs about transportation. I suggest "The wheels on the bus".


Small ride-on-cars
If you have them, they are sure to please!


Explore textures and tracks
Play with small cars in a sandbox, in a cereal bin, or in flour. You may also have babies roll cars in paint and then have them roll them on a sheet of paper.


A poster
I suggest making a train out of a drawing or babies' handprints. Add a photo. See the example and explanations attached.



Chantal Milette

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