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 Arrangement ideas for your walls

  1. Draw a large tree trunk on one of your walls. Arrange for circle time to take place in front of the tree and use it to follow the changing seasons. (In summer, glue leaves to the tree with adhesive putty, in fall change the green leaves for brightly colored ones, in winter remove the leaves and add winter decorations, for Valentine's Day add hearts, etc.)

  2. Post pictures and posters in your various corners Open PDF

  3. Install shelves to hold storage containers

  4. Install coffee cup hooks in the crafts corner and use them to hang scissors

  5. Glue a styrofoam board to the wall and use it to display artwork

  6. Hang a chalkboard at their level and children will spend hours in front of it

  7. Post the daily schedule

  8. Hang a perpetual calendar (Available in Club Educatall)

  9. Post pictures corresponding to the songs to be sung each week (See our song book)

  10. Draw or hang a growth chart to measure the children





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