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Artificial flowers
Let babies manipulate artificial flowers and plastic vases (make a loop with the stems and fasten with tape to protect eyes and mouths).


Fill plastic bottles with water. Place the tops of artificial flowers inside. Secure the cap with hot glue. These bottles are so pretty!


Real flowers
Bring a bouquet to the daycare and place it so babies can see it. Have them smell and touch the flowers.


Dandelion drawing
If it's dandelion time outside, let older babies slide them over a large sheet of white paper. Dandelions leave a yellow deposit on paper.


Flower picture book
Find flower illustrations and laminate them. Encourage babies to admire them. You may use postcards or print the ones provided above.


Admire flowers in your neighbourhood
Visit your local flower shop with little ones or encourage parents to bring their babies. This allows parents to get involved with the theme. Admire flowers growing in flowerbeds in your neighbourhood.


The branch
Hang a branch from your ceiling and add flowers.


Scented containers
Create small scented containers yourself or with the help of older children. Simply add small, flower-scented candles to containers and punch holes in the lids.



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