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Parks and outdoor spaces

Finally! The end of March is approaching which means the snow will soon be melting and spring is on its way! It's the time of year where everyone seems to be outside. It is also the return of long strolls with the babies you care for. I feel very privileged to be able to take advantage of these beautiful days with my little ones!


Many of you may go to the park with your group during the summer. Have you ever stopped to notice different outdoor spaces you may enjoy?


The next time you are out for a walk, I suggest you take a look around to see if there aren't any new, safe locations you could visit when you are out and about.


A church
Churches often have magnificent backyards. Simply ask permission to enter.

Elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities all have beautiful outdoor spaces you may enjoy when they are unoccupied by students.


Simply ask the person in charge if you may play on a small area of green grass. I have rarely been refused this privilege.

Small hills
Look for small hills. Babies will love climbing them.


Public tennis court
Asphalt tennis courts are perfect for push toys, pull toys, or ride-on toys.


Football field
This is a safe place for running, flying a kite, or playing with a parachute.


Vary the objects you bring along
Balls, hoola hoops, blankets, a tunnel, a parachute, push toys, ride-on toys, bubbles, an umbrella, water, a snack, a picnic...


You will have good times!


Of course, it is preferable to be at least two caregivers when you choose to bring toys along...Attach hoola hoops to the kiddie bus using rope, carry the balls in a net, stuff other objects into a suitcase which can be pulled or in a wagon, etc.


I hope you find beautiful places to spend time with your little ones...



Chantal Milette

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