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Arrangement ideas for storage

  1. Instead of discarding empty disposable wipes boxes, use them to store scrap paper for crafts, small puzzle pieces, etc. Glue labels to identify the content.

  2. Use shoe boxes to store figurines. Cover the boxes with adhesive paper (Mak tak).

  3. Use empty egg cartons in the crafts corner. Pour glue or paint into the individual cups and discard after use.

  4. Rolling storage container for the crafts corner. Stores paper, cardboard, and crayons.

  5. Punch holes in the lids of baby jars and use them as shakers for sparkles.

  6. File holder for each child. Insert agendas, crafts or projects completed each day.

  7. Use empty cereal boxes. Cut them diagonally and cover them with pretty paper. Very useful to hold the 1001 pictures available for coloring.

  8. Baskets or plastic storage containers which can be stacked can hold dishes and plastic food items in the kitchen corner.

  9. Shoe bags store children's change of clothes.

  10. Install hooks and identify them with children's pictures to store their personal belongings.





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