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A body theme just for babies!

The head, the nose, feet... Here is a list of activities with small posters on the subject for your daycare!


(Open Mini posters-The body) Laminate the posters and display them at eye level.


You may cut out the illustrations, laminate them, and make small cards. Place the cards in a small box and let babies observe them whenever they please.


You may also make a small board. Add Velcro to the back of the illustrations. Laminate a piece of cardboard and stick strips of Velcro on it. Encourage babies to stick the illustrations on the board.


(Open List of activities-The body) This is a colourful printable version.


The body


Massage the babies' feet with almond oil (make sure there are no allergies first). Talk about their toes and feet while massaging.


Use a feather to tickle babies' necks, the inside of their hands, their feet, their tummy...


Place a sticker on babies' faces (on the nose or on the cheek). Invite them to look at themselves in the mirror. Supervision is necessary. If you prefer, you may simply add a dot of face paint.


A surprise box: Add pictures of the babies' body parts to a small box. Let them explore the pictures. Display small posters and encourage babies to recognize the different parts of their bodies. A container filled with various hats babies can place on their heads.


Mirrors are great for this theme. When sitting down, babies can even admire the soles of their feet!



Chantal Milette

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