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Father's Day

Role play, workshop, craft, outdoor activity, and gift ideas for Father's Day.

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This special tool was created in response to a special request received. (Open special tool-Mood metre). Print. Use a fastener to attach the arrow in the centre of the mood metre. Children can use it to express how they are feeling throughout the day.



Animated discussion-Father's Day
(Open picture game-Father's Day or My father's profession) Print and laminate the pictures in the format you prefer. Use them to spark a conversation with your group and question children about the theme.


Poni discovers and presents-Dads around the world
(Open Poni discovers and presents-Dads around the world) Print the various cards. Laminate and cut them out. Use a Poni puppet (available at the educatall online store) or another puppet children are familiar with to present the different pictures.

The educatall team has prepared several activities to help you celebrate Father's Day with your group. You may follow the various steps in order, or simply pick and choose among the wide range of activities. Have fun discovering each child's father along with your group!


Before beginning the theme, prepare a chart which includes each child's name and four columns which can be used to keep track of the information collected. By asking fathers to provide the information ahead of time, you will be better able to support children and suggest workshops adapted to their reality. You can ask fathers to complete the questionnaire several weeks before beginning the theme to ensure that you have plenty of time to prepare your activities. (Open questionnaire fathers) Print a copy for each father.


Suggestions for the discussion period:Picture game-My father's profession


Describe your father. What is his name? What is your grandfather's name?
Tell us about your father's job.
What do you like to do most with your father?
What is your dad's favourite activity?
What is your father's favourite meal?

Tell me about a fond memory you have about you and your dad.

What does your father do in his free time? Does he have a special pastime?
Does your dad play sports?
Which games does your father play with you?
Does your dad have tools?
Tell me about your father's car.
Which chores does your father do around the house? Groceries? Dishes? Take out the trash? Cooking? Mow the lawn?



Collective story
After your discussion period, invite children to invent a story related to the theme. Encourage them to provide ideas and make suggestions. Write down everything they say. When they are done, read them their story. Have them draw pictures for their story and display it on a wall. Invite children to bring a picture of their father along with an object which belongs to their father to the daycare. They can take turns presenting the items to the group.


AREA SETUPeduca-theme-Father's Day

Educa-theme-Father's Day
(Open educa-theme-Father's Day) Print and laminate the different elements that represent the theme. Display them to present the theme to your group (and their parents) and decorate your daycare.

Educa-decorate-Father's Day

(Open educa-decorate-Father's Day) Print, cut out, and laminate. Decorate your walls and hang illustrations from the ceiling to create a special atmosphere for the theme.


Mini homemade stickers
(Open stickers-Father's Day) Print the illustrations on adhesive paper and use them to build an original sticker collection.


Father's Day mail
Have each child draw one or more pictures for his/her father. They can deposit them in a special mailbox that you have prepared with your group. At the end of the day, encourage fathers to check the mailbox to see if they have mail. This activity can last as long as you like, a single day or the duration of the theme.


Banner-Father's Day
(Open banner-Father's Day) (Open banner-Father's Day-Small) Print and laminate. Use the banners to decorate your daycare.


Necktie garlandStickers-Father's Day


(Open necktie garland) Print and let children decorate the items. Cut them out and use them to form a garland which can be hung within your daycare or near your daycare entrance. Organize a "Daddy corner". Hang a picture of each child's father and grandfather in your construction/building area. Children will enjoy imitating them hard at work. Ask parents to provide pictures of their child's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Display all the pictures on a special wall within the daycare.



The pictures may be used as a memory game or to spark a conversation with the group. Use them to decorate the daycare or a specific corner. (Open picture game-Father's Day) Print, laminate, and store in a "Ziploc" bag or in your thematic bins.


Memory game
(Open picture game-My father's profession) Print the series of pictures twice and use them as a memory game.



Writing sheet
(Open writing activities-D like Dad) Print for each child or laminate and use with a dry-erase marker.


Educa-shape tracing-Father's DayEduca-shape-tracing-Father's Day
(Open educa-shape tracing-Father's Day) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must trace the different shapes using a dry-erase marker.


Stationery-Father's Day
You may use the stationery to communicate with parents, in your writing area, or to identify your thematic bins. (Open stationery-Father's Day) Print.



Activity sheets are suggested for each theme. Print and follow instructions. (Open activity sheets-Father's Day)


Educa-nuudles activity sheet

(Open educa-nuudles-Father's Day) Print for each child. Have children color the sheet. Once they are done, they may use Magic Nuudles to turn their coloring page into a three-dimensional work of art. Variation: If you do not have Magic Nuudles, ask children to fill the spaces designed for the Magic Nuudles with bingo markers or stickers. To order Magic Nuudles.



Word flashcardsGiant word flashcards-Father's Day

The flashcards may be used during circle time to spark a conversation or in your reading and writing area. They may also be used to identify your thematic bins. (Open word flashcards-My father's profession) (Open giant word flashcards-My father's profession) Dentist, doctor, lawyer, nurse, accountant, pharmacist, mechanic, veterinarian, teacher, early childhood educator, policeman, engineer (Open word flashcards-Father's Day) (Open giant word flashcards-Father's Day) father, grandfather, tools, shaving cream, garage, golf, hockey, tie, fishing, hunting, moustache, beard


Scene "with my dad"
(Open scene with my dad) Print, laminate, and cut the pieces. Children use the items to decorate the scene.


Happy Father's Day!
(Open poster-Happy Father's Day) Print and display. Parents will enjoy saying Happy Father's Day in several languages with their child.


Spanish=Buen dia del padre
Italian=Buono festa dei padre
French=Bonne fête des Pères
English=Happy Father's Day
Portuguese=Boa festa dos pais

Sequential story
(Open sequential story-Father's Day) Print the story. Laminate and cut the illustrations. Children must place the illustrations in the correct order to recreate the story.


Picture clue story-Father's Day
(Open picture clue story-Father's Day) Print. Sit in a circle with your group. Begin reading the story. When you reach a picture clue pause and point to the illustration. Encourage children to guess the missing word.


Educ-chat-Father's Day
Educ-chat is a game which is made up of several different illustrations which represent subjects, verbs, and objects. They can be used to help children make complete sentences and enrich their vocabulary. (Open educ-chat-Father's Day) Print, cut out, and laminate the cards. Make three different piles (subjects, verbs, and objects). Ask children to pick three cards, one from each pile. Have them "read" the sentence. The sentences will sometimes be quite silly but you are sure to have fun. You may also choose to place the cards yourself and have children "read" the sentences.


Felt board game
(Open felt board game-Father's Day) Print the various shapes and stick them on piece of felt. Glue four pieces of black felt on a large piece of cardboard. Display your homemade felt board on a wall. Children will enjoy arranging the felt shapes on the board to create stories and scenes over and over again.


VARIOUS WORKSHOPSWorkshops-Fathers Day

Workshops-Father's Day
(Open workshops-Father's Day) Print and display to identify your workshops in the weeks leading up to Father's Day.


Have fun with these wonderful workshop ideas provided by Caroline Allard.


Construction/building blocks:

  • Blocks of all kinds children may use to build different places they would like to visit with their father.
  • Figurines children may use to represent their family.
  • Figurines which represent various jobs and professions. Children will make associations with their father's work.

Arts & crafts:

  • Children make a card for their father or grandfather using recycled objects or pictures. If you wish, use a particular theme such as golf, fishing, etc.
  • Various arts & crafts material which can be used to make the perfect Father's Day gift...see suggestions within the theme.
  • A canvas and poster paint...children paint their father's portrait.
  • A nature collage to represent hunting or fishing.
  • A Father's Day collage using pictures of fathers found in catalogues. Ask children which man looks most like their father.
  • An empty tissue box can be used to make a model of their father's car.
  • Children can glue pictures of their father's favourite foods on a paper plate.


  • Coloring pages which represent family members or activities which can be enjoyed as a family.
  • Creative coloring activities.
  • Children can "write" a letter for their father and mail it to their house.

Role play:

  • Workbench/tools: Add pieces of wood, safety glasses, dust masks, etc. Children will love to pretend they are fixing toys.
  • Barbecue: Dads are often barbecue specialists! Set up a toy barbecue and add several accessories such as tongs, spatulas, forks, plates, a tablecloth, glasses, plastic bottles of condiments, etc.
  • Hunting and fishing: Plastic fish and animals along with fishing rods. Make a boat using a large box or simply place several chairs in a row. A tent, plastic food items, and camouflage clothing are also great additions.


  • Memory game using the picture game.
  • Real tools which can be manipulated to compare their size, weight, etc.
  • Modeling dough... children can play with screwdrivers, a hammer, nails, screws, etc.
  • A cardboard tie for lacing.
  • Association game related to families.
  • Puzzles which represent various professions.
  • Golf tees along with Styrofoam blocks and hammers.
  • Various objects related to sports which can be manipulated (baseball mitt, hockey puck, golf club, etc.)


  • Books about families.
  • Books children like their father to read to them. Ask them to share their favourites with you!
  • Games with word flashcards.


  • Hunt and seek games.
  • Various activity sheets related to the theme.
  • Help children practice writing "Dad" or their father's first name.
  • Explore the letter "D" like Dad.

Motor skills:

  • Use ties to make rhythmic ribbons.
  • Talk about various sports: golf, hockey, baseball...
  • Play "Daddy says" instead of "Simon says"
  • Act out things fathers do regularly and have children guess. You may add accessories to help them.
  • Wash bicycles just like dads wash their car...

Sensory bins:

  • Water table: wash toy cars.
  • Container filled with pebbles or tiny rocks.
  • Container filled with objects which usually belong to dads.

Early science:

  • Use a magnifying glass to observe sawdust, pieces of wood, parts of a motor, etc.


  • Bake a surprise for dads.
  • Make gingerbread dads.



Here are a few perpetual calendars and invitations you can use to organize a variety of special days to celebrate fathers, depending on what you think is best for your group. Print and display the perpetual calendar of your choice a few days ahead of time to remind parents and children of the upcoming event.


SPECIAL DAY-DADS AT DAYCAREPerpetual calendar-Special Day-Dads at daycare

Perpetual calendar: (Open perpetual calendar-Special Day-Dads at daycare) Print and display.


Schedule of activities: (Open schedule-Special Day-Dads at daycare) Print, write the activities you have planned for the day, and display for parents to see.


Invitations: (Open invitations-Special Day-Dads at daycare) Print an invitation card for each child. Encourage children to color their invitation and give it to their father (a color version is also available).


Greeting: Each child gives his/her father a bouquet of flowers.


Setup: (Open banner-Special Day-Dads at daycare) Print and laminate. Use the banner to decorate your daycare.


Surprise activity: Give each child the opportunity to honor his/her father in front of the group.


Snacks/lunch: Let children prepare a special snack they can share with their father.Photo booth-Father's Day


Souvenir photo-Special Day-Dads at daycare
(Open picture frame-Special Day-Dads at daycare) Print and use the frame to display pictures of your special day within your daycare or to send a souvenir home with children.


Photo booth-Father's Day
(Open photo booth-Father's Day) Print the different accessory models, cut them out, and glue them on drinking straws. Purchase several hats, headbands, scarves, glasses, etc. at your local dollar store. Hang a large piece of cardboard, a curtain, or any other décor you can think of in one corner of your daycare. Have fun taking pictures of the children in your group. Let them pick and choose among the accessories you have on hand. Encourage them to act silly. Take pictures of children with their father or other family members or photograph them individually. The pictures will represent great souvenirs. Print them and display them on a wall in your cloakroom or hallway.


SPECIAL DAY-A SHOW FOR DADSPerpetual calendar-Special Day-A show for dads

Perpetual calendar: (Open perpetual calendar-Special Day-A show for dads) Print and display.


Schedule of activities: (Open schedule-Special Day-A show for dads) Print, write the activities you have planned for the day, and display for parents to see.

Invitations: (Open invitations-Special Day-A show for dads) Print an invitation card for each child. Encourage children to color their invitation and give it to their father and/or grandfather (a color version is also available).

Greeting: Encourage children to wear costumes or simply have them wear a handmade crown. If you wish, you can paint each child's face too.


Setup: (Open banner-Special Day-A show for dads) Print and laminate. Use the banner to decorate your daycare.


Surprise activity: Form a choir with your group. If you wish, you may also provide different musical instruments and paint each child's face. Prepare a short choreography based on a song or rhyme of your choice. Create costumes and a special décor. Children may also take turns presenting brief artistic creations. You can also choose to prepare a short theatrical presentation based on a storybook. Some children will enjoy performing individually, while others will prefer to work in groups of two or three. Children can choose to dance, perform a magic trick, etc.


Snacks/lunch: Organize a potluck lunch where each child is encouraged to bring his father's favorite meal to daycare and share it with the group.


Souvenir photo-Special Day-A show for dads
(Open picture frame-Special Day-A show for dads) Print and use the frame to display pictures of your special day within your daycare or to send a souvenir home with children.


SPECIAL DAY-FATHER'S DAY BREAKFASTPerpetual calendar-Special Day-Father's Day breakfast

Perpetual calendar: (Open perpetual calendar-Special Day-Father's Day breakfast) Print and display.


Schedule of activities: (Open schedule-Special Day-Father's Day breakfast) Print, write the activities you have planned for the day, and display for parents to see.


Invitations: (Open invitations-Special Day-Father's Day breakfast) Print an invitation card for each child. Encourage children to color their invitation and give it to their father (a color version is also available).


Greeting: Have children wear a chef's costume. You can help children make their own costume a few days prior to this special day. For each child, cut a white garbage bag so that it is open on either side to represent a chef's coat. Staple a second white garbage bag to a strip of white construction paper to represent a chef's hat.


Setup: (Open banner-Special Day-Father's Day breakfast) Print and laminate. Use the banner to decorate your daycare.


Surprise activity: Children prepare a special breakfast for their father. Invite fathers to join their child at daycare between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. This activity represents a great way for parents to get to know each other. Children will be very proud to have their father spend time in their daycare environment.

 Picture frame-Special Day-Father's Day-Breakfast

Snacks/lunch: Simply prepare a variety of fruit, muffins, crescent rolls, and coffee. Invite children to make edible garlands by threading Froot Loops cereal on pieces of licorice.


Souvenir photo-Special Day-Father's Day breakfast
(Open picture frame-Special Day-Father's Day breakfast) Print and use the frame to display pictures of your special day within your daycare or to send a souvenir home with children.

Discovering Dad (Open thematic letter-Father's Day)


Hello everyone,

My name is Grand-Dad. I am the oldest father on the planet. Did you know that it will be Father's Day soon? Today, I thought I would pay you a visit to see just how well you all know your father. Throughout the week, I will suggest activities you can try to verify just how well you know him and to honour him (that means to thank him for everything he does for you each day). Your early childhood educator will give you instructions each day by reading the letters I send to her from my home. Have fun and see you at the Father's Day party!


Monday: Discover your father's artistic talents (Open poster-My father's artistic talents) (Open My father's artistic talents)


Hello my little friends!Poster - My father?s artistic talents

Today, we will begin by discovering each father's artistic talents. Do you know what they are? Do you have any ideas? There are several artistic talents: painting, sculpting, dancing, singing, drawing, photography, arts & crafts, etc. I asked your early childhood educator to prepare various workshops for you so that you can try a few of these talents yourself. See if you can guess which one is your father's artistic talent. Tonight, you can ask him and talk about his artistic talent. You can share it with the group during circle time tomorrow. Your father can even come add his artistic talent to the chart tomorrow morning. Have fun creating!



Memo for the early childhood educator: Organize artistic talent workshops.

• A modeling dough corner including cookie cutters and various activities (sculpting).
• A painting corner with easels (or paper taped to the wall), paint, and paintbrushes.
• A singing corner complete with toy microphones and a tape recorder. Practice your Father's Day songs.
• A dancing corner with fast-paced music.
• A drawing corner with colourful paper and markers. You can also add stationery.
• An arts & crafts corner (or scrapbooking)
• etc.


Complete the memories sheet with children at the end of the day.

Tuesday: Discover your father's profession (Open poster-My father's profession) (Open My father's profession)Poster - My father?s profession


Good morning young folks!

Today, we will discover each father's profession. Do you know what kind of work your father does? I asked your early childhood educator to prepare workshops to help you explore different professions. You will see that several different professions exist. Have fun!


Memo for the early childhood educator: Organize role play activities which represent the fathers' professions. You may even ask fathers to provide various items or to come speak to the children about their work. Take pictures of the children when they are dressed up like their father. Display the pictures within the daycare.

Complete the memories sheet with children at the end of the day.

Wednesday: Discover your father's culinary preferences (Open poster-My father's culinary preferences) (Open My father's culinary preferences)

 Poster - My father?s culinary preferences

Hello my little chefs,
Today we will discover each father's culinary preferences. Do you know what your father's favourite recipe is? Do you know what his favourite food is? You will prepare a recipe with your early childhood educator today. It may not be your father's favourite recipe, but it will be delicious! When you are done, your early childhood educator will show you several illustrations. Try to guess which one is your father's favourite food. You will see that there are several different types of food...maybe even some you've never seen before! At the end of the day, you will all know your father a little better! See you tomorrow!


Memo for the early childhood educator: Bake cookies or a cake with your group. Talk about each child's favourite recipe and, of course, their father's favourite recipe.


Print several food illustrations (be sure to have illustrations of their father's favourite foods) and use them for an association game. Encourage children to name the foods and identify their father's favourite foods. Several food illustrations are available in the educatall club. Don't forget to eat your cookies or cake!


Complete the memories sheet with children at the end of the day.

Thursday: Discover your father's favourite sport (Open poster-My father's favourite sport) (Open My father's favourite sport)


Hello my little athletes,Poster - My father?s favourite sport

Today we will be very active! You will discover each father's favourite sport. Do you know which sport your father enjoys? Have you ever participated in this sport with him? I asked your early childhood educator to set up several sport workshops outside. You will be given the chance to try each of them. This may help you guess which sport is your father's favourite. Don't forget to drink a lot of water. Drinking water is very important when you are active!



Memo to the early childhood educator: Prepare outdoor workshops which correspond to the sports fathers enjoy as per the answers provided in the questionnaire they completed. Have a nutritious snack and a large jug of water available. Children will want to drink plenty of water, just like real athletes!

Enjoy a picnic with your group to make the day extra special!


Complete the memories sheet with children at the end of the day.

Friday: Discover your father's favourite song (Open poster-My father's favourite song) (Open My father's favourite song)


Hello my darlings,Poster - My father?s favourite song
Today is the last day of our special week about fathers. Your early childhood educator will need your help to prepare this afternoon's party. Throughout the day, she will ask you to prepare various crafts to decorate the daycare and cover the table. She may even ask you to make a special hat for your father. Organizing a party is a lot of work! When fathers arrive at the end of the day, your early childhood educator will play their favourite songs. Will you be able to recognize your father's favourite song?

It was a privilege to spend this week with you. I hope you had fun and that you were all able to discover a few things about your father!



Memo for the early childhood educator: Visit the complete Father's Day theme for craft and decoration ideas you can prepare with your group. Play music (including the fathers' favourite songs) during your party preparations.

Prepare a CD containing the fathers' favourite songs and play it during the party.

Children can offer their Father's Day cards or gifts at the party too.


Prepare fruit punch and serve each father a glass as they arrive. You may use the recipe provided in the theme or your own.


Complete the memories sheet with children at the end of the day. Place all the completed pages in a book or tie them together with ribbon. Fathers will enjoy reading them with their child.


Triple Fruit Punch for DadCreative recipe - Triple fruit punch for Dad

(Open Triple Fruit Punch for Dad)



350 ml orange juice with pulp, frozen
350 ml pineapple juice, frozen
350 ml pink grapefruit juice, frozen
¾ cup (190 ml) grenadine, to taste
Ginger Ale, very cold
Orange slices
Lemon slices
Ice cubes



1. Empty the three cans of frozen juice into a large punch bowl.
2. Add grenadine.
3. Mix well.
4. Add fruit slices and cherries.
5. Add Ginger Ale and ice cubes just prior to serving. Mix well.
6. Taste and adjust quantity of grenadine if necessary.
7. If you prefer, grenadine can be added to individual glasses.


ACTIVITIES FOR BABIESGame-This is my spot-Father?s Day

Dad's clothing
Fill a large container with clothing dads wear: shirts, t-shirts, pants, baseball caps, etc. Let babies try to put the clothing items on, manipulate them, "wear" the shoes, etc.


A painting for Dad
Purchase canvases at the Dollar store. Let babies paint on them (one color at a time to avoid everything turning brown!) Add a cardboard frame and wrap for a beautiful Father's Day gift.


"I love you Dad" mobile
(Open craft-heart shape) Trace and cut out different sizes of hearts. Decorate them with sparkles or other materials. Glue the hearts back to back on either side of ribbon or string. Add a picture of each baby's father or of the babies themselves. Hang from the ceiling.



Monkey Dad
Select a child to play the role of the father monkey. The other children must replicate his every move.


My spotMy Father?s Day path
(Open game-This is my spot - Father's Day) Print two copies of each illustration. Deposit one illustration on the table and cover it with Mac-Tac. Place the other copy in a bag. Children take turns picking an illustration to determine their spot at the table for the day. You can also use them to determine naptime spots or their place in the task train.


My Father's Day path
(Open My Father's Day path) Print, laminate, and deposit the illustrations on the floor to create a path leading to various locations within the daycare. The path can lead to areas children visit regularly throughout the day such as the bathroom and the cloakroom. It may also be used to delimit various workshops.



Lacing-Father's Day
(Open lacing-Father's Day) Print, laminate, and punch holes around the contour of each shape. Children can use a string or ribbon to lace the shapes.


Daddy may I?

Call children one by one. When it is their turn, they must ask if they may execute various actions related to animals. For example, a child may say, "Daddy may I act like a frog?" If you accept, the child will then hop like a frog until you call out his name again. On the other hand, you may decide to say, "No, you are part of the dog family!" In this case, the child would crawl on four legs and bark. Other examples of animals which are easy to imitate are a chicken, a horse, or a kangaroo.


Obstacle course with ties
Build an obstacle course with several ties. Have children walk on them. Deposit obstacles, such as a dad's shoe children can wear to walk throughout the obstacle course. Add a suit jacket and have children wear it over their shoulders. Place two chairs and have children crawl under them or climb over them, without touching the chairs. Use whatever you have on hand (ties, hats, shoes, a toolbox, etc.) Encourage children to move in several different ways (crawl, jump ten times, hop in hula hoops, spin around, etc.)


Daddy says...Game-Giant tic tac toe-Father's Day
This game is played like "Simon says". Give children instructions (just like their fathers do). If you say, "Daddy says..." at the beginning of the sentence they must do whatever it is you asked them to do. You may, for example, ask them to brush their teeth, go to sleep, eat, etc. If you do not say "Daddy says", they must remain still.


My father's name is...
Call out several names. When children hear their father's name they must run to a designated area.



Miniature golf course
Set up a miniature golf course in your backyard or in your daycare. Place plastic containers on their side and use plastic golf balls if you are worried about using real golf balls with younger children. Invite fathers to join you for a round of miniature golf at the end of the day.

Fishing game

(Open fishing game) Print, laminate, and cut out the fish and objects. Add a paperclip to each. Tie a piece of string to the end of an old broomstick and attach a magnet to the end of the string. Sit behind a piece of garden furniture so that children cannot see you. Attach objects to the end of their fishing rod. If children "catch" a fish, they can continue playing, if not, they must give the fishing rod to the next player.


Educ-colors-Father?s DayCamping
Set up a tent and camping accessories in your backyard. Children will love pretending they are camping with their father.


Play hockey with a soft ball and noodles (the kind used in swimming pools).


Deposit hula hoops on the floor (or draw circles) to represent the goals. You should have one goal per child. The circles must be big enough for the children to have room to move inside. Give instructions. You could, for example, have children touch the ground with their hands, place one foot inside their goal and the other foot outside the goal, etc. After a while say, "Goalies change goals!" Continue the game.


Gather all the tools you have in your construction area and ask children to "fix" the bicycles, fences, toys, etc.


Visit a discount store and purchase several painting accessories such as paint rollers, empty paint containers, painter hats, brushes, etc. Place all the accessories in a large container and bring it outside. Add water to the various containers and let children "paint" the fences, toys, daycare walls, etc.


Lawn mower obstacle course
Create an obstacle course using cones and other accessories. Children must push a toy lawn mower through the obstacle course. The other children encourage the child pushing the lawn mower to go as fast as he can by calling out his father's name.


Dad's baseball capEduc-maze-Father's Day
Invite children to wear one of their father's baseball caps throughout the day. Show children how to throw a baseball (soft ball) and catch it with the cap.


Car wash
Provide buckets and sponges and let children wash your cars, trucks, and toys.


Fill her up!
Use sidewalk chalk to trace a path. Draw a gas station (or make one using a cardboard box). Children can drive around the path with small cars (you can make these out of cardboard boxes too!) Remind them to stop for gas every now and then.



Musical Father's Day
(Open picture game-My father's profession) Print and laminate the pictures. Arrange them on the floor of your daycare. To the sound of music, children walk or dance around the daycare. When the music stops, they must quickly find a picture to stand on. Variation: You can remove a picture at the end of each round to increase the level of difficulty. Several children will have to stand on a single picture to avoid being eliminated.



My father's voice
Ask each child's father to leave a message on your answering machine or voicemail. Have children identify their father's voice.


Soft voice
Record a few songs and gentle words spoken by children on an audio cassette or CD (microphone and computer). This is a perfect Father's Day gift!


Educ-intruder-Father?s DayCOGNITIVE ACTIVITIES
Game-Giant tic-tac-toe-Father's Day
(Open game-giant tic-tac-toe-Father's Day) Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on a large piece of white cardboard. Children take turns depositing a symbol on the grid. The first child to place three identical symbols in a straight line or diagonally wins.


Educ-colors-Father's Day
(Open educ-colors-Father's Day) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. If you prefer, print a copy for each child. Children must associate the items to the matching color by drawing a line using a marker of the same color (or another marker).

Educ-maze-Father's Day
(Open educ-maze-Father's Day) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must find the correct path, the one that links the entrance to the exit, and connect them by drawing a line along the path with a dry-erase marker.


Educ-intruder-Father's Day
(Open educ-intruder-Father's Day) Print and laminate. Children must search for the six items shown at the bottom of the page in the scene.


Educa-symmetry-Father's Day
(Open educa-symmetry-Father's Day) Print. Children must color the bottom picture using exactly the same colors seen in the top picture.


Educ-pairs-Father's DayEduca-symmetry-Father?s Day
(Open educ-pairs-Father's Day) Print. Children must draw a line between identical illustrations or color them the same color. For durable, eco-friendly use, laminate and use with a dry-erase marker.


Educa-duo-Father's Day
(Open educa-duo-Father's Day) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must draw a line between the items which go together using a dry-erase marker.


Educ-trace-Father's Day
(Open educ-trace-Father's Day) Print for each child. Children must trace each line with the corresponding color and then color the object using the same color.


Mandalas-Father's Day
(Open mandalas-Father's Day) Print for each child. Children color the mandalas as they wish.


Educ-differences-Father's Day
(Open educ-differences-Father's Day) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must find the number of differences indicated on the sheet and circle them with a dry-erase marker.


Educ-shadows-Father's Day
(Open educ-shadows-Father's Day) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must draw a line to the shadow which corresponds to each illustration using a dry-erase marker.


Educ-math-Father's DayEduc-math-Father?s-Day
(Open educ-math-Father's Day) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must count the objects in each rectangle and circle the corresponding number.


Bingo-Father's Day
(Open bingo-Father's Day) Print. Laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. You may use cereal, "Smarties" or other items as markers.


Magnifying glass game-Father's Day

(Open magnifying glass game-Father's Day) Print and laminate the board game and the cards. Cut them out and store them in a box or in a Ziploc bag. Children pick a card and search for the item on the board game, using a magnifying glass. Once they have found the item, they deposit it in the correct square, on the board game.


Daddy by number
(Open color by number-Father's Day) Print for each child. Children follow the color code to complete the picture.


Educ-same and different-Father's Day
(Open educ-same and different-Father's Day) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must circle the illustration which is different in each row.


Educ-big and small-Father's DayColor by number - Father?s Day
(Open educ-big and small-Father's Day) Ask children to place identical illustrations in the correct order, from smallest to biggest.


Educ-pattern-Father's Day
(Open educ-pattern-Father's Day) Print and laminate. Add Velcro to the back of the cards. Children must correctly place the cards to complete the patterns.


Hunt and seek-Father's Day
(Open hunt and seek-Father's Day) Print and laminate. Children pick a card and search for the object in the larger picture.



Share an ice cream cone with Dad
Invite fathers and/or grandfathers to come share an ice cream cone or a sundae with their child/grandchild as part of your afternoon snack.


Special date for dads

(Open invitation-Father's Day) Print. Invite fathers (and grandfathers) for a gathering at the end of the day. Serve coffee and small treats prepared by the children. The week before prepare a short film. Record the children in your group saying what they love most about their father, which activities they enjoy doing with him, etc. Present the film during this gathering.


Father's Day golf tournament

Organize a golf tournament with your group. (Open perpetual calendar-Father's Day) Set the golf course up in your backyard. Use several different sizes of containers (ice cream, yogurt, bowls, etc.). Surround them with rope or hula hoops. Each child has his own golf ball and must try to hit it into the containers while standing outside of the circle. Fathers may try too. Their child can act as their caddy. Children will love leading their father to the next hole. Keep track of everyone's score.We suggest fathers join you around 3:30 p.m. for the golf tournament. At the end of the day, hand out the "Best Dad" diplomas. (Open diploma-Best Dad)


Necktie knot race

Here is an interesting challenge. You will need a tie and a stopwatch. Ask dads to tie a necktie knot as quickly as possible. (Open Father's Day challenge) Time them. Display the results. At the end of the week, crown the winner. (Open crown) Print and decorate the crown with your group. (Open genealogical tree) Print a copy for each child. Have children complete the tree with their dad at home. Children can present their dad's family to their friends.


Surprise picture
(Open model-Father's Day frame) Take a picture of each child with his dad (secretly if possible). Have children decorate the frame and glue the picture inside.



Invite grandfathers to come spend a short period of time with your group. They can share a story about when they were small.



Strong like Dad!
Ask children to show you their muscles by performing various bodybuilder poses.



Will you find my hands?
Have children press their hands in paint and then on a large paper banner. Over each set of hand prints, write the name of the child. Next, hide the names using pieces of heavy cardboard. At the end of the day, have dads write their child's name under the set of hand prints they think belong to their child. Once all dads have identified a set of hand prints, reveal the names to see who guessed correctly.

Paper dolls-Father's Day
Dress-up-dolls - Father?s Day
(Open dress-up dolls-Father's Day) Print and laminate. Children will enjoy dressing the doll many different ways.


Role play ideas:


Daddy cooks
Make several plastic food items, dishes, and utensils available in your kitchen area. Designate a child to play the role of the father who must cook for his children.


Daddy washes dishes
Set up a water table. Add sponges and soap bubbles. Let children wash the plastic dishes from your kitchen area.


Daddy cleans

Children love cleaning! Provide sponges, dusters, wet towels, etc. Disinfect toys with your group.


Daddy washes the baby
In your bathtub or in a tub of water, let children wash your dolls. They can dress them and put them to bed too.


Daddy heals
Provide several small bandages. Tell children to take care of the dolls' cuts and scrapes.


Daddy goes grocery shopping
Collect empty food containers and boxes. Arrange them throughout the daycare. Give each child a grocery bag and invite them to go grocery shopping.


Daddy rocks the baby
Give each child a doll or a stuffed animal. To the sound of soft music, have them rock their baby.

Variation: You can rock each child.


Tie day
Invite children to attend daycare wearing one of their father's ties.


Box full of kisses

(Open Model-Box of kisses) Print for each child. Children decorate their box. When they are done, encourage them to open the box and add a ton of kisses. Tell them to hurry up and close the box so the kisses don't fly away! At the end of the day, children can give their box of kisses to their father. Variation: A small cardboard box, a small medicine bottle, or a container for a roll of film could also do just fine!


Surprise telephone
Each child surprises his dad with a surprise telephone call at work.


Secret message
Fill an empty toilet paper roll with a message for each child's dad. We have prepared some for you but you can make your own. (Open memo-Father's Day) You may also add candy pieces. Wrap the roll with tissue paper and decorate. Tie each end with ribbon. Children can give one roll to their father each day.


Message in a bottle
Decorate plastic bottles (water bottles for example) with paint, colourful paper, sparkles... Roll up drawings the children made and slide them in the bottles. Place the bottles in a large container filled with water. At the end of the week, invite each father to pick a bottle, open it, and guess if the drawing was done by his child or not. If not, he places the drawing back in the water and picks another one until he finds the correct drawing.



Daddy reads the newspaper
Deposit a pile of newspapers in the middle of the table. Invite children to manipulate them. They can crumple them or cut them.


Shaving cream
Cover your arts & crafts table with a plastic tablecloth. Provide each child with a small quantity of whipped cream. Let them draw with their fingers.



Set up a large container of water with bubble bath. Children enjoy creating beards or figurines with the bubbles. Variation: Weather permitting, fill a small pool with water and bubble bath. Children will play for hours.


Strong like Dad

Have children weigh several objects. Help them notice the difference between heavy and light.



Food item of the week: Bananas
(Open educ-poster-Bananas) Print and laminate the various posters to present the food item to your group. The posters will help children discover different forms of an everyday food item. Display them in your kitchen area or next to the table where children eat their snacks and lunch.


A special snack
Ask dads to prepare something special children can share at snack time. Children will be proud to show their friends what their father prepared for them.

Prepare special treats each day. Children may give them to their father. Some suggestions are heart-shaped cookies, miniature muffins with coloured icing, or small chocolates.


Edible tie

Material: Rectangular cake pan, knife, plate
Ingredients: Cake mix, icing, candy


Pour the cake mix into your rectangular cake pan and bake. Once the cake has cooled, trace the outline of a tie with a knife. Deposit the tie in a plate and cover it with icing. Use candy to decorate.


Ready for the barbecueDoor signs for Dad
Prepare barbecue sauce with your group. Clean empty plastic bottles thoroughly. Pour the barbecue sauce inside. Have children decorate the bottles. The perfect gift for any barbecue enthusiast!



A Daddy puppet
Give each child a plastic spoon. Cut a face outline out of construction paper and glue it on the rounded tip of the spoon. Use fabric or paper to create clothing items for the puppet.


Door signs for Dad
(Open door signs for Dad) Print several copies and let children choose the door signs they prefer. Cut heavy pieces of cardboard, somewhat bigger than the door signs. Glue the door signs on the heavy cardboard. Encourage children to decorate them, color them, or even add a picture.


"Digital" frame for Dad
You will need a transparent CD case, cardstock, a family picture (or a picture of the child), and lots of creativity. Cut a frame out of the cardstock, the same size as the CD case. Glue the picture on the CD case and then glue the frame on top. Have children decorate the CD case with a variety of arts & crafts materials (heart-shaped confetti, stickers, etc.).

Air freshener for Dad's car
Purchase Styrofoam shapes (large enough to hold a picture) such as hearts, stars, etc. Have children decorate them and add a few drops of essential oil for a special scent.


Puppets-My DadMiniature Dad
(Open puppets-My Dad) Print the various models on heavy paper. Have children cut them out and decorate them. Attach Popsicle sticks to the back of each model to make puppets.


Stencils-Father's Day
(Open stencils-Father's Day) Print and cut out the various stencils. Children can trace or paint the shapes related to the theme.


My miniature Dad
(Open miniature Dad) Print, cut out, and color the pieces. Transform empty toilet paper rolls by gluing the various pieces on them to create miniature dads. Hang them from the ceiling.



Puppets-Daddy and I
(Open puppets-Daddy and I) Print the model. Have each child choose a puppet. They can color the pieces and glue a picture of their father's face and their own face in the right places. Cut out the puppets and stick them on heavy cardboard. If you wish, you may glue a magnet behind the puppets.


Puppets-Daddy and IJar of BBQ sauce-Father's Day
(Open Jar of BBQ sauce-Father's Day) Print the labels. Have children color them and cut them out. Let each child stick a label on a small Mason jar. Pour BBQ sauce into each jar. Children will be happy to give their special gift to their father.


Go everywhere words
(Open go everywhere words) Print for each child. Let children draw a picture at the top of the page. This will make a great Father's Day gift. Fathers will love to carry these words with them wherever they go.


Scrapbook-My dad
(Open scrapbook-My dad) Print for each child. Throughout the week, children can fill their scrapbook with pictures, drawings, etc. Their scrapbook will represent a great Father's Day gift.


Finger puppets-Father's Day
(Open finger puppets-Father's Day) Print and laminate the finger puppets, making sure to cut out the holes through which children can insert their fingers. Children will enjoy creating different scenarios while manipulating the puppets.


My dad

(Open My dad) Print for each child. Ask children to cut out the pieces and color them. Assemble them using fasteners where indicated. You can add a picture of each child's dad to replace the face.


Jar of BBQ sauce-Father's DayMy father's portrait
Ask each child to draw his father. To help them, ask fathers to provide a picture. Help children notice certain features such as the color of their father's hair and eyes, the shape of his face, etc. Glue the portrait onto heavy cardboard. Have children decorate the contour with arts & crafts material. Hang the portraits on the wall.


Bookmark for Dad
(Open model bookmark-Father's Day) Print. Give each child a bookmark. Use stamp pads, washable paint, or markers. Let children color their fingertips and make prints on the bookmark. Let dry and laminate.


Musical beverage coasters
Use old CDs (or DVDs) to make beverage coasters for dads. Children can paint them using porcelain paint or poster paint (you will have to varnish). Dads will love using their personalized coasters.


Car air freshener

Use a piece of white tulle. Fill it with potpourri. Sew the top to make a tiny pocket. Add colourful string and tie a laminated picture of the child to it. Dads can hang it from their car mirror. If you do not have potpourri you can make your own using a few sticks of cinnamon and thin dried orange slices.


Keychain just for DadGo everywhere words
Prepare salt dough (or use modeling dough which hardens upon drying). Ask children to create a keychain. They may use cookie cutters (or their imagination!) Make a hole in the top before setting the keychain out to dry. Add a paper ring. They open up, making them easy to add it to the keychains.


Morning thought
Purchase one white cup per child (and the matching saucer). Let children paint them with porcelain paint. Be sure to offer a single color at a time. Let one color dry before adding a new one to avoid colors mixing together. Ask children to describe how much they love their father. Add their words to the cup or saucer. Bake in the oven to seal the paint (follow manufacturer's instructions). Fathers' mornings will be filled with happy thoughts.


A placemat
Take a picture of each child acting out something their father does regularly (playing golf, shaving, fishing, etc.) Glue the picture on a large sheet of construction paper. Have children color the contour and decorate it.



Placemats-Father's Day
(Open placemats-Father's Day) Print. Have children color their placemat. If you wish, you may add a picture of each child's father to their placemat. Laminate the placemats. They represent a wonderful Father's Day gift.


Dad's favourite dishScrapbook-My dad
Ask children what their father's favourite meal is. Have them cut the ingredients out of grocery store flyers. Glue the items on a paper plate.


Give each child an aluminum tray (for plants). Pour plaster into it (or use salt dough). Make a print of each child's hand. Once dry, have children paint their pocket-emptiers.


Have each child draw their father. Make copies of each child's drawing so that you have one copy of each drawing per child. Glue the drawings on cardboard. Cover with Mac-Tac and bind the pages together so they look like a small album. Give each father one copy.


Pencil holder
Use plastic containers or metal cans. Cut a piece of construction paper to completely cover the container. Decorate the paper and glue it to the container when you are done. If you prefer, you may paint the container using a mixture of ¾ glue, ¼ paint.


A car
Use empty tissue boxes to make cars.


A watch
(Open watch models) Print, cut out, and glue onto heavy cardboard. Use large ribbon for the bracelet. Glue the watch onto the bracelet. To complete the craft, add a tiny pice of "Velcro" to the end of the ribbon. This will allow dads to tie their watch around their wrist.


MousepadFinger puppets-Father's Day
Cut the shape of your mousepad out of foam paper. Let children decorate the contour.


Remote control carrier

Paint and decorate a small box. Dads can use the box to store the remote control.


A tie for Dad
Purchase a white fabric tie for each child. Invite them to draw on the tie using fabric markers.


Each child will need a large metal can (such as a coffee can). Clean the can thoroughly. Use colourful paper to completely cover the can using double-sided adhesive tape or glue. Cut family pictures (which you secretly asked mothers to provide) and glue them on the toolbox to decorate.


Lunch bag
Children decorate a paper lunch bag for their father.


A masterpiece for Dad
Invite children to draw or paint a picture for their father. (Open models-Father's Day frame) Print, trace the frame model on heavy cardboard, cut it out, and decorate it. Glue each child's frame on his/her painting or drawing.


CRAFT IDEAS-FATHER'S DAY CARDSFather's Day-cards-Color 2015

Here are a few Father's Day card models that you can print. If you choose to use the black and white models (Open Father's Day cards-Black and white-2015), let children color and fold their card. We have also prepared color versions. If you choose to use these cards, simply print them and let children choose the card they prefer. (Open Father's Day cards-Color-2015)


Clay card
Spread clay on the table using a rolling pin. Have children use cookie cutters to cut shapes. Make a hole in the top of each shape using a drinking straw. Let dry. Let children paint the shapes. Fold a piece of construction paper in two. Make a tiny hole in the front of the card and attach the clay shape with ribbon. Write "Happy Father's Day" on the card. Inside, write the messages children would like to offer their dad.


Gift certificates
(Open gift certificates-Father's Day) Print and cut out. Place the gift certificates in envelopes. Give each dad a gift certificate.


Tie card
(Open greeting card-Father's Day) Print and cut out the shirt and tie and have children color them. Cut a slit in the shirt collar where indicated. Fold the flap (at the top of the tie) and insert. Glue to ensure it stays in place.


A special letterDiploma-Best dad
Prepare a postcard or invitation for a special outing and mail them to each child's father.


Best Dad diploma
Prepare a card resembling a "Best Dad diploma". (Open diploma-Best Dad). Children can draw their fondest memory with their dad or offer them a certificate which dads can exchange towards loving hugs, cleanup services, help to clean out the garage or wash the car, a small massage, etc.


A generation card
Have each child bring a picture of himself, one of his father, as well as one of his grandfather and great-grandfather, if possible. Glue the photos on the top of a sheet of construction paper folded in two like a card. Cover with "Mac-Tac". Write a message inside the card or use one of our printable greetings (Open greetings-Father's Day).


(Open diploma-Best dad) (Open diploma-Best grandfather) Print. Have children draw their fondest memory of their father and/or grandfather. If you wish, you may also simply offer a certificate valid for a hug, help cleaning the garage or the car, a neck massage, etc.



(Open coloring pages theme-Father's Day 2015) Print for each child. You may also choose from the many other series of coloring pages available in the educatall club archives.


Complete the drawing-Father's DayColoring pages theme-Father's Day 2015
(Open complete the drawing-Father's Day) Print for each child. Encourage them to complete the drawing by adding the missing elements.


I am learning to draw-A tie
(Open I am learning to draw-A tie) Print and laminate the model sheet. Invite children to practice their drawing technique and then let them draw a tie on their own.


Creative coloring-Father's Day
(Open creative coloring-Father's Day) Print for each child. Have children complete the picture by drawing a special memory of an activity they did with their dad.


Coloring pages
(Open coloring pages theme-Father's Day) Print.


Scrapbook-My Dad
(Open scrapbook-My Dad) Print for each child. Add the page to each child's scrapbook.



O Daddy Dear 

sung to: O Christmas Tree 

by: Patricia Morrison


O Daddy Dear, O Daddy Dear
A Happy Father's Day
O Daddy Dear, O Daddy Dear
A Happy Father's Day
You are the best, and I love you
Thank you for all the things you do
O Daddy Dear, O Daddy Dear
A Happy Father's Day




Have fun!

The Educatall team



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