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Brushing your teeth: an essential and fun activity!

Brushing your teeth: an essential and fun activity! 

Illustrated toothbrushing routine

Toothbrushing chart

Illustrated routin-Toothbrushing

 Toothbrushing chart


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A few tricks:

  • Purchase a small unbreakable mirror. Leave it near the sink. If you are unable to find one, some stores which specialize in school supplies offer mirror paper. Cut to the desired size and frame to resemble a real mirror. When children begin learning the proper brushing technique, it is very important they observe their actions and self-evaluate themselves.

  • When children are done brushing, play the role of the inspector. Add a touch of humour to this activity: wear oversized glasses, a detective's disguise, or a white sarong and pretend to be a dentist. Make sure everyone's teeth are perfectly clean. The inspector may also be represented by a puppet whose mission is to make sure the brushing technique is correct.

  • Check with your local dental professionals. Often, they are willing to offer free educational visits. They have a good quantity of material on hand and can provide parents with documentation.

  • Show children the proper brushing technique. Borrow a large dentures and an oversized toothbrush from your local dentist. You may also purchase miniature toy dentures for each child. These can be found in Dollar stores. Display educatall's "Toothbrushing poster" near the sink.

  • Make a large hourglass using two plastic soft drink bottles. It will keep children brushing long enough to ensure proper cleaning.


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