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10 Arrangement ideas for the ceiling

  1. Hang small Christmas lights. Change colors according to your theme.

  2. Hang a transparent shower curtain in the crafts corner to define the area.

  3. Install a white sheet in the imitation corner to make Chinese shadows.

  4. Suspend a cord form one end of the room to the other. Use clothespins to display crafts, pictures, paintings, etc.

  5. Glue cloud images to the ceiling in the naptime corner. Children can count them when they lie down on their mats.

  6. Attach a paper clip to the end of a fishing line and suspend it from the ceiling. Use it to hang pictures and crafts related to your theme.

  7. Install a new garland each month in relation to your theme.

  8. Suspend a storage spiral or a straight cord with clothespins to hold stuffed animals.

  9. Stick stars which glow in the dark on the ceiling.

  10. Suspend name tags over children's assigned places for circle time.





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