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Creative Chocolate Fondue for babie

Here is a simple and fun activity which develops babies' sense of taste, touch, and eyesight.


Mmm! Mmm, chocolate!


Place babies in their highchairs.


Cover the trays of their highchairs with paper, securing it with tape.


Add a small quantity of melted chocolate, slightly cooled, in the center of the paper.


Deposit pieces of various fruit along the edge of the sheet of paper. You may include strawberries and cherries which will color the paper. Pieces of melon and bananas are also good choices.


What will babies do with the fruit pieces? Watch closely! Will they roll the fruit in the chocolate? Eat the chocolate-covered fruit? Of course! Will they use the chocolate like paint on the paper?


I am sure they will do all of the above. Take a picture of this activity and jot down a message describing the babies' enjoyment.



  • You may purchase small pieces of coloured chocolate in stores which sell in bulk. Melt them to add extra colour to the activity.

  • Replace chocolate with pudding.

Enjoy your chocolate exploration!


Chantal Milette

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