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Babies and creativity - Part VI



In order to be able to use crayons of all kinds, babies must be able to hold objects and control them. They must also be able to sit up on their own.

Several types of crayons are specially designed for little hands. They are round or shaped like small spinning tops.


Things to keep in mind: A dandelion can be used as a crayon in summer. Simply press the head of the flower on paper to see yellow lines appear. A great activity for outdoor exploration!


Balls of tissue paper or garlands can be used for drawing (may be more appropriate for toddlers). Make balls with tissue paper or paper garlands. Spray water on a sheet of waxed paper (for solidity). Let toddlers rub the tissue paper on the waxed paper (have them wear smocks because stains are possible).


Oversized chalk can be used on chalk boards, driveways, or even large pieces of black construction paper.


Makeup pencils are interesting in the nursery. Sit babies in front of a mirror and have fun coloring the tips of their nose as well as your own. Toddlers may explore the pencils on their own on their body.


Washable markers such as the Crayola brand and makeup pencils are easy to wash off of windows and mirrors. Let babies draw on these surfaces.


As was the case for paint, remember to diversify the structures you use to exploit crayons in a variety of ways.


Some possibilities are:

  • Drawing with washable markers on a large beach ball hung from the ceiling on an elastic fabric band.
  • Placing a large sheet of paper on the wall or floor and letting babies move on the surface using their arms to make large movements.
  • Drawing on large cardboard boxes, or even inside large cardboard boxes.
  • Scribbling on large wooden cubes.
  • Drawing on wooden or cardboard frames before adding a picture.

Use your imagination to make babies want to explore crayons!


Chantal Milette

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