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Group Assembly - Circle Time

First draw a circle on the floor or use colored tape if you wish. With chalk or tape write the first letter of each child's name around the circle. Another way to identify children's places would be to provide each child with a pictogram (of a theme) and assign them a place around the circle with this pictogram.


Using numbers

(Open PDF file for numbers 0 to 9) Print, laminate and display them around the circle. Assign a number to each child. They could also be hung from the ceiling just above children's places. You may also use signals for each child. Signals must always be the same and adapted to the age of your group.


Here are a few examples:


Gather the group
Each child chooses an animal sound. Call out each sound one by one as a signal for the children to join the circle. (The sounds may also reflect your theme)


Light signal
Turn the lights on and off with a certain rhythm. This signal is especially effective if you have a very active group. It's also a calming way to regroup silently. Try this activity several times during your daily schedule to see how long it takes to regroup.


Song or rhyme
When the children hear a particular song or rhyme they know to take their place around the circle. Choose your favorite song and make it the circle time signal song.




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