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Making cleanup fun

Here are a few little tricks to try with children during cleanup time.


Provide each child with a bag (with handles). Have them gather toys which are on the floor and then put them in the appropriate place.


Ask the children to pick up objects by color.


The storm is coming!

Tell the children that a storm is coming and to clean up as fast as they can or the storm will blow everything away.


Have each child put away 5 toys, than 4 toys and 3 toys and so forth ( You won't believe your eyes, everything disappears like magic.


Clean up to the rhythm of a song. They must hurry because all the toys must be cleaned up before the end of the song.


Have everyone bring all the toys to the center of the room. On your mark, set, go!

The children must pick up as many toys as they can and put them away as fast as they can in the appropriate place. Continue this game until all the toys are put away.


Here are 2 songs to help you during cleanup time:


Time To Cleanup
(to the Brother John tune)

Are you helping,
are you helping
Pick up toys, Pick up toys
Let us all be helpers,
let us all be helpers.
Girls and boys, girls and boys.


Clean-up Song
(Improvise a rhythm)

Cleanup, cleanup
everybody get some toys.
Cleanup, cleanup
all the little girls and boys.
Cleanup, cleanup
everybody do your share.
Cleanup; cleanup
everybody, everywhere.


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