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Sugar harvest time

Mmmmmm! Sugar harvest time! How can young babies enjoy this time of year?


Here is an idea which was sent in by Valérie Lachance who is a caregiver in a nursery at "CPE Boutons d'or" in Saint-Gédéon, Quebec.


"Maple syrup paint. Mmmm! What a treat! I draw the outline of a maple leaf on a Styrofoam plate. Babies have a great time spreading maple syrup on it. You may add food colouring and/or use a corn syrup preparation if you do not have maple syrup. It looks great with colour!"


I really wanted to share this activity with you. It is a great way for very young children to explore maple syrup for the first time. Remember to have your camera handy!


Although I have never seen allergic reactions to maple syrup, be sure to let parents know that the babies have tasted something new...I am pretty certain they will!



Chantal Milette

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